Tria Laser Four Pain Levels and How To Bypass Them

How to Manage Tria Laser Pain Levels

Tria laser pain managmentIf you are thinking to buy Tria laser, you probably have in mind that the process would be somewhat painful. Many people ask about the pain levels involved with the Tria laser and worry it might be too much for them.

Well first of all you may want to know that Tria laser hair removal device is the best selling hair removal device on Amazon, which means every month thousands of people buy and use it. So though some discomfort and pain involved, most of the people manage it.

Know The Enemy – Why Does The Tria Hurt

Laser vs ELOSWhen laser light (or any light) reaches dark matter, the light energy is transformed to heat. A dark shirt will be warmer than a white shirt on a sunny day. This physical fact is used by hair removal devices to heat the hair inside the skin.

With the Tria laser process of eliminating hair growth is done by sending pulses of laser toward the skin. When the laser is absorbed by the dark follicle inside the skin, it heats it and cause damage hopefully preventing the root from regrowing hairs.

The surrounding skin is not transparent, it gets some of the energy too. This cause the hot sting sensation which comes with the laser treatment.

Four Levels Of Tria Laser Pain

Tria Laser – Pain Level 1

– Slight discomfort with the treatment, usually because the skin is thick, pale and does not cause any significant pain. The light pulse can be felt but nothing more than that. Like feeling a tip pf a pencil touching your skin.

What to do with pain level 1? Nothing, keep zapping and do it on the highest level possible, so the results will be optimal

Tria Laser – Pain Level 2

tria pain rated– The zapping is uncomfortable, the intense zapping flicks at the skin like a rubber band snap. This can be because highest level of energy was used, or the skin is slightly more sensitive. The sensitive skin areas are usually those with thinner pale skin, where the body is more sensitive to touch. Where it tickles… it also hurts more.

What to do with pain level 2? First you can reduce the Tria laser energy level, one grade lower and see if you can manage the discomfort. Reducing the energy grade weakens the pulse sent to the skin, it may mean less effective session.

numb master creamOr you can use ice packs, or very little numbing cream. The ice packs will numb the area before you treat it, and the zapping will be bearable. Get numbing cream from Amazon, you will need to apply it each treatment over the area you plan to treat,

You may want to make sure you are not treating tanned skin. If you have been sunbathing, your skin may be darker than usual and the pain level is higher than it ought to be.

Tria Laser – Pain Level 3

Tria laser treatment pain what to expect– Unbearable painful zapping, usually when treating delicate skin, with highest level. The delicate skin can be at places where the Tria was probably not meant to be used like lower pubic, around the vagina or anus. These areas are super sensitive (thus painful) areas.

What to do? The laser can be quite painful, and ice packs will not be enough to screen the pain. First you need to reduce the levels to the lowest grade. You should use topical anesthetics numbing creams (click here to order the numbing cream from Amazon) or avoid using laser there.

tria laser pain levels ratesPain Level 4 – You are causing damage to your skin, it might be you are zapping over a tattoo or dark skin. The light is heating the skin in a furious painful snap and what you are feeling is skin burns.

What to do? Stop immediately the session, check your skin, cool it down, see a doctor, and stay away from the sun for a couple of days.

Tria Laser = More Energy Than IPL

TRIA laser 4x for Brazilian landing stripThe Tria is the best selling hair removal system at Amazon. Though results vary, it is very effective to reduce unwanted body hair. For most people the discomfort is manageable.

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If you know you are sensitive plan ahead and make sure you do not sun tan before you begin the treatment.

The Tria can emit 22 joules per cm²! More than any other IPL. Most of them have 6-8 Joules, some even less than that. More energy means more heat zapping and evaporating the hair and root. Which means better chances to get permanent hair reduction over time, when done properly.

Order numbing cream when you purchase your Tria Laser unit, and most of the pain will be non relevant for you. It is wise to feel something and not use overdose of numbing cream.

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You can use a combination of the solutions offered here to manage the associated Tria procedure pain. Use some numbing creams, cool the skin with ice packs, reduce the energy level (it can go all the way from 22 joules to 7 joules at the lowest level). It might help to bring a friend to help you out with the sessions. When someone else pulses you have less control and may be less stressed even if you are sensitive to pain.

Now go get rid of those hairs… !


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