How To Remove Neck Hair Showing Around The Collar

Get Rid Of The Neck Hair Around Your Collar

neck hair removal collarThis problem is very common for many men, they have excessive hair growth on their upper shoulders and at chest which eventually pops out from the front and back of their shirts.

It is a common sight to see a guy with a ring of hair showing from his T shirt collar, like a hairy crown. Some guys think it can be a turn off for many women. It may be a good reason why you should plan how to get rid of the hair growing on your neck ASAP.

Not Useful Ways To Remove Neck Hair

There is always the shaving option, but that is very temporary and the stubs will be bugging and itching you every other day. Waxing can be a solution but the agony involved and the fact it is also temporary makes it the least wanted option.

Easy But Temporary

The easiest way to get rid of the hair around your collar would be using hair removal creams! These creams were formally used mainly to make women legs smooth without waxing, but now they are used to remove hair by men and women from other places too.

neck and collar hair removalThese creams have chemical substances which dissolve the hair keratin. The way to use them is just to apply them on the skin, wait 4-5 minutes, and wipe them with a damp cloth. Read the label on the bottle as each cream is slightly different.

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This process would require constant maintenance, but will last for a some time (week or two) before new hairs grow through.

neck Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber for Shower for MenIf you are expanding the hair removal process, and going to do it yourself in the shower, you will probably need a large Exfoliating Shower Loofah Back Scrubber too – designed for for men.

Each session of hair removal cream requires wiping the left over cream with a damp cloth. This loofah scrubber will do the work for your at the areas difficult to reach.

Permanent Way To Remove Collar Hair

The last option to get rid of the hairs popping out of the T shirt collar, is using a hair removal laser or IPL device. It might look more difficult at the beginning, and more expensive to invest. But lets face it, the hair will be bothering you… forever, always requiring to shave or use creams.. which eventually will cost more.

A home removal process can reduce the hair growth so you could take off a shirt and feel comfortable with your body.

The truth is removing your collar hair is much easier than you may think.

The device which you need, is an IPL device (intense pulsed light) which will just flash bright light at the skin, the light when interacts with the hair follicle, heats it and zaps the root, disabling over time the hair growth.

There are many devices out there, if you plan on just removing the neck hair, you will want something which is small and compact. If you are taking the opportunity to get rid of hairs from other areas (legs, arms, abdominal. chest, pubic, shoulders and back) you will probably want a larger unit, with more intense energy to tackle all you body hair.

Reducing Only Back & Collar Hair

removing collar neck hair permanently laser hair removalGillette Compact Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light would be the perfect device for you. It is small and compact, it has just the right energy level to zap shoulder hair and collar hair.

You can do most of the areas by yourself. No second hand is needed. Just press it and let it flash every 2-3 seconds, and move it 1 inch further.

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removing back collar hair permanently IPL hair removalIf you plan to remove hair from back, you may want to have someone to help you out.

The process is not painful. Many describe it as a rubber band snap on the skin. You can manage the discomfort by using an ice pack or numbing cream, and you will feel nothing.

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Getting Rid Of Hair From All Over

If you are fed up with the excessive hair growth all over your body, you can take the opportunity and give it a fair fight. For this you will want a slightly better device, which will do the hair removal process easier and more effective.

LumaRX home hair removal device IPLThe LumaRx Full Body IPL Hair Removal Device for Face & Body is a larger device including a base unit and a hand held applicator.

The LumaRX has a stronger light pulse (8 Joules per cm2 compared to 6 Joules in the Gillette), which may be needed for managing hair removal from more persistent coarse hair like most men have on the legs.

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lumaRX collar hair removal for menThe LumaRX has a 6 cm2 size IPL window, which is very large and comfortable when treating large areas (like men’s legs, abdominal, chest and back), the Gillette IPL window is 3 cm2, comfortable for small areas, but less convenient for larger areas.

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To conclude – We have seen three main options for cleaning the unwanted hairs from the neck collar.

Using creams is popular but temporary, using IPL technology to get rid only from neck and back hair, or going full speed ahead and going for a permanent hair reduction from everywhere it bugs you.