Is TRIA Laser Hair Removal Truly Permanent

 Will Tria Laser Remove Hair Permanently?

TRIA laser hair removal permanentMany people who think to invest in a home hair removal device like the Tria laser want to know will the Tria laser hair removal be permanent? Because the Tria is not a cheap device, the question whether the results are permanent is a fair thing to inquire.
So is the Tria hair removal permanent? The answer is YES and NO…
First of all we must emphasis that according to the FDA, no home system can claim ‘hair removal’ claims, but only use the term ‘permanent hair reduction‘.
The main difference is that ‘hair removal’ can imply like ALL the hairs will be gone FOREVER. While the truth is no laser device can totally disable 100% of the hair growth.
This is true even for professional clinic treatments, you can pay thousands of dollars and spend precious time going to professional laser salons, and they too can not guarantee hairs not ever growing back.
Only electrolysis needle epilation, where each follicle is dealt with one by one, and each follicle is disabled, has permission by FDA and FTC to use the term “hair removal”. Because each follicle which is disabled by needle will not grow hairs again. The obvious downside is the time needed, and money per sessions to remove each hair one by one permanently.

So what does permanent hair reduction mean?

It means the numbers of hairs on the treated area will decrease! And this reduction of hair will be permanent. But since not ALL the hair follicles will be disabled, the FDA forbids any of the manufacturers to claim ‘hair removal’ results.
TRIA laser 4x for permanent resultsSo is the TRIA laser hair removal permanent or not?
Yes, probably most of the hairs which will be targeted by the TRIA laser will be zapped out of further production and will not regrow hairs. Some follicles will be affected by the laser treatment but will not be totally disabled.
These hairs will grow thinner hairs less coarse than they used to. And some of the hairs will be persistent and will keep on showing when their growth cycle arrives.
By keeping through the treatments as planned, and targeting the hair over and over again when new hair cycles begin, there are better chances to keep reducing the amount of new hairs showing.
Some of the hair which will keep growing will be thinner and more fine, which is a partial success.

More Joules Than Any IPL Device

Take in mind that the Tria has the highest energy level compared to all the home hair removal devices. The light energy is measured in joules, more joules is more heat created and more effective long lasting results.
The Tria laser energy can emit when the setting are to the highest level 22 joules per cm² of skin. Just for comparison the LumaRX max joules is 8 joules per cm².
Each hair follicle which gets zapped by 22 joules of focused laser energy will be heated in an instant and evaporate. If the hair was connected at the growth stage (anagen) when the laser hit it, the damage would be more permanent than lower energy and less heat is involved.

There is no way to know in advance which of the hairs will be permanently gone, and which will grow thin, and which will keep growing as nothing happened.

Hair Growth and How it Affects Long Term Results

Most of the hairs on our skin are NOT connected to the root, they are at the ‘resting phase’. The growth has ended and the hair is just stuck in the follicle for few weeks until it falls off naturally. So zapping it will evaporate it, but will cause no damage to the root and growth cells.

laser hair growth treatment effective stimulationThe hair growth cycles are random, otherwise we would shed all the hair at the same time and be smooth even without the Tria laser. Once you understand there is a cycle and hairs need to be targeted over and over gain, to get more roots zapped, it gives motivation to keep returning and treating same area again after few weeks.

Tria laser best laser hair removal Permanent The treatment schedule is designed to target the hair growth cycle and disable the hairs when they are in the Anagen ‘growth stage’. Each hair is only 20% of the time in the Anagen stage, so repeating the session over and over raises the chance to see more permanent  success.

 The permanent reduction can be affected by so many factors. Each person’s skin is different. Different skin thickness, different skin tone and hair color (this contrast is important factor for success), different hormones, or lack of hormones, different hair growth cells, hair thickness and so on.

If you follow the treatment plan, and not miss the schedule for the home sessions you will have better chances to see permanent results.

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Say good bye to your unwanted hairs, most it will be gone.

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