TRIA Laser Pain and How to Reduce it During Your Treatment

Tips to Reduce TRIA Laser Pain

If you are reading these lines you probably consider to purchase Tria laser device for home use, and worried from the Tria laser pain involved using it. First of all your worry is very sensible and wise, laser hair removal pain though can be tolerable can and should be reduced when possible.

Below you can read some useful tips how to reduce the Tria laser pain involved with the home hair reduction process.

Laser on Pale Skin Will Hurt Less

TRIA laser 4x for Brazilian landing stripThe heat which is created when zapping the skin, is what causing the pain. Heat is caused when the laser light is absorbed by dark matter. When the hair is dark, it’s great and mean most of the energy will turn to heat and zap it. But when the skin is dark or tanned, the laser will heat it too, and pain will be felt.

For this reason the first tip would be to make sure you are the right candidate which means you have fair skin to begin with, and follow these guidelines:

  1. Try not to have sun tan a few weeks before the treatment.
  2. Do not expose the skin to the sun 72 hours before you zap it.
  3. Plan to begin your treatment at the end of winter.

Pale skin will absorb less laser energy and will be less painful when you use the Tria laser over it.

Cool The Skin To Reduce Tria Laser Pain

As mentioned above the heat created during the lasering of the skin which is painful. Once you keep the skin cool, there will be less pain. Professional laser centers have a cooling device which blows cool air around and during the zapping process. You can do the same using home ice packs. They will cool the skin and if left few minutes longer can numb the upper skin layer too.

Use Numbing Creams To Manage Tria Laser Pain

numb master creamMost people reduce the pain involved with Tria laser hair reduction by applying some anesthetic cream to lower the discomfort. The topical anesthetics should be used as advised on the tube box.

Apply them sensibly, pain is a natural way for the body to signal discomfort and alert from damage, so some low level of discomfort is even necessary to complete a safe treatment.

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If you block all pain signals altogether how would you know if you are causing yourself skin burns? (This might happen when laser is used over and over on the same spot).

Tria Laser Hair Removal Pain Managed

Tria laser hair removal painNo matter which permanent way you plan to reduce body hair, some level of pain and discomfort will be involved. Though IPL (intense pulsed light) machines are believed to be less painful than laser, many of their users use numbing creams too.

The Tria laser has five levels of energy, so if you feel the zapping is unbearable, you can always lower the energy level until you are OK with the discomfort.

There are some areas over the skin which are more sensitive than the rest, it may differ from person to person, but inner thighs, pubic skin and lower abdominal are usually places you would like to consider an anesthetic cream.

Watch Out From Doing Tria Laser Over Tattoos

tattoos-laser hair removalMake sure to cover dark spots on skin and not to do any laser over them. This applies especially for tattoos. Doing laser over them may result in extreme pain and scarring, because the dark tattoo will absorb the energy and burn instead of the hair around it.

Tria Laser is currently Amazon best selling home hair removal device. Even when it is not best seller it is always in the top three. Tens of thousands of people men and women around the works are using the FDA cleared system Tria laser to reduce body hair. If they can manage the pain and discomfort so can you.

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Waxing is much more painful compared to laser hair removal, and will last for few weeks only. Laser will reduce hair growth for months and months.

Most Tria laser customers use some kind of anesthetics. Make sure to get proper numbing cream to manage the discomfort and do a safe and effective treatment. Tria has a soothing gel of its own, but far too many customers said they did not feel less pain using it, so we do not recommend it here. A proper anesthetic cream will do the pain management for you.

International Customers…

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