LumaRX vs Remington IPL Systems Comparison

LumaRx Vs. Remington – IPL Devices

Two of the most advanced systems are competing who will lead the IPL hair removal category. On one side the LumaRx IPL Hair Remover and Remington iLight Pro 6500 IPL on the other side.

It is important to say that there is no ‘perfect’ hair removal device, and each system has pros and cons which are useful for some and non relevant for others. The other aspect is that all IPL devices work on the same approved Intense Pulse Light technology, so they are very similar when IPL technology is compared.

Though different brand names, they are both coming from the same manufacturer! So the similarity you see is not coincidental. The LumaRX is model IPL6800, while the Remington iLight Ultra is IPL6500.

LumaRx IPL and Remington iLight IPL- Results

Both systems claim 90% success in 2-3 treatments. Both devices claim ‘permanent reduction’ of hair, but as mentioned above, different people have different skin and different hair. So people can expect different results. The best results will show up for people with the right hair and skin contrast. White skin and dark hair is ideal for IPL treatments. If you are tanned, or have fair hair then your results will probably be different.

Do not expect to zap the skin and be smooth like marble. The hair drops of after treatments but some of it may grow again after few weeks. This is important to do the follow up treatments in the cycle recommended by the manufacturer. “Fewer hairs” does not mean “No hair at all”.

LumaRx IPL adds this to their offer:

*Individual results vary. In clinical testing on the body, the upper quartile of treatment sites average 94.3% fewer hairs after just three treatments. On average, participants in that study had 66% fewer hairs 12 months after just three treatments.

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Remington IPL Ultra has a similar statement, with the same percentage of long lasting results.

As much as we would like to define which has better overall results, it would be impossible and non responsible to try to do so.

LumaRx IPL and Remington iLight IPL- Safey

Both systems are FDA approved.

Both systems have the same skin color sensor on the base unit. This means that in order to unlock the device the user has to place the area supposed to be treated over the window to verify the skin color. If the skin is too dark the system will not operate. The con of both systems can be easily ‘fooled’. If a person plans to treat a tanned leg, but places the palm on the sensor the safety sensor will unlock the device.

LumaRx IPL vs Remington results

Both systems have the skin touch sensor on the sides of the IPL window. These contact sensors (the two buttons on the side of the window) make sure the IPL will flash only when pressed to the skin, and not pulse toward thin air and damage the eyes.

LumaRX hair rmover vs Remington IPL Pro Ilight

Both systems are safe to treat skin colors of 1-4 on the skin tone scale. And both are not safe to treat dark and black skin tones 5+6. Those with very dark skin should use the ELOS systems like the iLuminage Touch full body hair reduction.

The reason is that the IPL pulse heats any dark matter, and if pulsed on dark skin, it will burn it. Check below to find how your skin color ranks in the Fitzpatrick skin tone chart.

LumaRx IPL vs Remington IPL hair removal compareSo the draw continues for these tow hair remover units.

LumaRx Vs. Remington – Key Features

Both systems have 65,000 IPL flashes installed in their cartridge. Note there are several models for the Remington IPL, they have less flashes per lamp. The regular IPL6000 device has 1500 flashes only, the Pro Plus Quartz (IPL6000Q) have 30,000 flashes.

LumaRX and Remington have both a same size IPL window. So they are able to cover the same skin area with every pulse of light. 3.0 cm² for body cap and 2.0 cm² for facial cap. The LumaRX and Remington are approved to treat hair from the cheeks and downward. Note both systems are not approved for men facial hair removal!

Maximum Energy Level is the same for both hair removal machinesMaximum energy of 8 J/cm² (+/-20%). Both have same feature which blocks harmful UV energy for the IPL flashes. Both have 5 grades of pulsing light, low for sensitive skin and high for maximum efficiency.

Lumarx 5 IPL energy levels low to highThe base units of both devices come in one white pearl color.

Approximately same price too – both systems range at the top tier of the home hair removal machines, with a tag of $449.

rp_Remington-iLIGHT-Ultra-NEW-IPL-System-Hair-RemovalIt would be fair to say that these two systems are so very much alike, which ever you choose would be a sensible choice. You will be getting the same advantages and features, with the same high level of effectiveness and safety.

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Note we have compared the LumaRX IPL6800 vs Remington Ultra IPL6500 device, (and not the former Remington models). While in the near past the LumaRX was superior to the rest of the Remington family, now with the new Ultra IPL6500, we would call it a tight draw.

LumaRX is Premium Model IPL6800

LumaRX home hair removal device IPLThe LumaRX is still at the top of the category as it was for several months until the new Remington came to share the lead.

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You will enjoy the premium device with 65,000 IPL flashes and very good results of hair removal effectiveness.



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