iRestore Laser Hair Growth System – HOW DOES IT WORK

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Explained

iRestore Laser Hair Growth Helmet For Men hair lossOne of the most troubling issues men and women have is hair thinning. Shedding hair and loosing hair which cause physiological and confidence problems. Lately new home laser devices have been approved by the FDA for hair regrowth. They look like a hi-tech helmet with laser lights inside. How do they work? What is their technology? One of these hair growth helmets is the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System.

First of all, there is no magic, different people should expect different results. There are so many reasons why people lose hair, a laser hair growth helmet, could not solve them all. With this said, there are so many people who see less hair loss and see thicker hair growing once where it was thin. The laser technology when harnessed in the right way can bring salvation and relief to many.

Norwood-Hamilton classifications scale of hair loss in MEN laser hair growth helmetNorwood-Hamilton classification is the most common used for pattern hair loss (PHL). The device is relevant for men with ‘lightweight thinning’ referred to 2A-5 types.

And for women with the 1-2 on the Ludwig – Savin Scale which also refers to the beginning of the hair thinning. When the scalp is seen through the hair yet the stage is not yet in the whole head progressed stages.

As you can see the iRestore Laser Hair Growth helmet is not suitable for hair loss in its advanced balding. But for those who witness hair loss in its beginning stages.

Savin scale of hair loss in women iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Helmet

How Does a Laser Hair Growth Helmet Work?

The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System is using what is called LOW LEVEL LASER THERAPY aka LLLT. It is know that laser light can penetrate the upper skin layers by thus delivering heat into the lower skin levels where the hair follicle are.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth Helmet Inside LookThe LLLT has 21 Class 3R lasers ( < 5mW ) and 30 LEDs ( 660 ± 5 nm ). The Medical-Grade Lasers in the hair growth helmet have a wavelength of 660 nm (nanometer), which is in the red light spectrum. For example laser hair removal systems have a higher laser wavelength of 880 nm. This light produces heat which stimulates the hair growth which assists the follicle to reproduce again.

By the manufacturers the combination of the laser power and the wavelength used the light energy is able to cover the whole head and penetrate deep enough at the right level to stimulate the hair growth revitalizing the cells. The laser light goes deep while the LED light spreads the heat on broader area, covering more of the hair follicles than the laser emitters can do stand alone.

Laser Hair Growth hat for women
Approved skin type illustration image

The laser and LED lights have no side effects, as they are too weak (compared to laser hair removal) to create zapping heat. The hair growth helmet have two safety sensors which prevent the device to produce laser light unless it is on the head.

The laser light is not safe on dark skin. So if your skin color is dark tanned, brown or black, you should not purchase it.

With dark skin the light energy can heat the skin instead of the hair follicle, causing pain and unwanted side effects.

If you are the right candidate click here to purchase the laser hair growth cap from Amazon.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System Before afterIf you see that your hair loss is similar to the types shown above, and your skin is not dark brown or black, then you can get the iRestore Laser Hair Growth Helmet from Amazon and follow the treatment plan. There is a 6 month money back guarantee, so there is very little to lose.

The laser hair growth cap can be used by men and women. Note it is not cordless, so it can be used only at home and not outside.

We hope this explanation of the laser hair regrowth helmet technology has shed some light for you.

For many the new technology works and regrows hair, for some it only stops or reduces hair loss and thinning, and some do not see the results they expected. Click HERE and read iRestore customer reviews and rating at Amazon. Good luck!