LumaRX IPL vs Tria Laser Which is Better?

LumaRX IPL vs Tria Laser Which is Better?

It is important to note that trying to compare LumaRX IPL and Tria laser is not as simple as one may think. Both of them have their own pros and cons. Its just a matter of which pros is more suitable for your needs and which cons you would rather avoid. In this short article we will try and cover the comparison so you can get a fairly clear view which of them is best for you.

LumaRX IPL vs Tria LaserLumaRX IPL vs Tria Laser – Energy & Results

The Tria laser uses a pinpoint laser to zap the skin. The laser wavelength is 880 nanometer. The system concentrates the energy it emits on a small tiny spot, where the light energy can be measured up to 24 joules per cm² of skin. This is quite powerful energy compared to IPL. For the right candidates the Tria 4X (fourth generation) is very effective, and some who have tried IPL and did not succeed see results using it.

The pros is higher energy per pulse, the cons is more painful zapping.

The LumaRX IPL flashes a wider wavelength of light. 600-1200 nanometer which is bright white light. The wider range means the light penetrates into different depth of the skin and delivers the energy to the follicle. It has a wider treatment window which covers 3 cm² of skin with each pulse. The maximum energy level is 9 joules per cm².

The pros is wider treatment coverage area per pulse, the cons is lower energy per cm².

LumaRX vs Tria – Hair Removal Treatment Plan

Tria laser vs LumaRX IPLBoth systems can promise only ‘permanent hair reduction‘ and not ‘permanent hair removal’ because they can slow or tamper hair growth but not stop it totally.

The Tria laser treatment plan takes more time, they recommended to treat the area once every two weeks for a period of three month. Their plan is more realistic than the LumaRX as it covers 3 hair growth cycles. The human hair has it’s own life-cycle and the treatments are effective only during a specific period during the days of growth and sheering. Guiding the user for a bi-weekly session for three months is more professional.

The pros, doing a three month cycle will eliminate more hairs after all, the cons, it is time consuming to complete the full cycle as recommended.

LumaRX Bikini hair IPL removalThe LumaRX mentions results based on three treatments. As this may be true, it does covers only one life cycle of growth, and more hairs are expected to keep growing which were not effected by the three sessions.

The pros, you can expect to see hair falling off fairly soon, the cons are that more follow up treatments are usually needed.

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Safety & Other Features

TRIA eye safety laser hair removalThe Tria laser and the LumaRX have both the same safety sensors. The Tria has a better safety feature detecting skin color before each pulse.

The LumaRx requires the user to check skin before each session, but the sensor is on the base unit which is bulky to press against the leg or shoulders.. so the Tria gets extra points for that.

IPL_Device Skin touch sensors LumaRXThe Tria is cordless which can be a big pro for these who wish to treat comfortably without having to be connected to the wall for power. The LumaRX has a mini device model which is cordless too, but it is not for full body treatments but for small area touch ups. So the Tria gets some points for this too.

If you like your personal gadgets to be more personal the Tria looks better has different colors and a sleek design.

LumaRX vs Tria  – Facial Hair Removal

The Tria laser is not approved by the FDA for facial hair removal. It is approved by the European CE and in places where the FDA is not a regulatory factor. So if you browse the Tria page you will not see any mention of facial hair removal. If you browse Tria page on (England) you can see it can be used from the cheeks downward.

The LumaRX has a facial replacement cap which narrows down the IPL spot in to 2 cm², but it is still wider than the Tria laser tip.

TRIA laser tipThe Tria has a tiny narrow spot light which is better and more precise when treating facial skin. It is more suitable for facial hair removal than the LumaRX even with the facial cap attached.

The Tria laser gets some extra points for the facial treatment.

Both devices are NOT safe or approved for male facial hair removal.


LumaRX IPL vs Tria Laser – Pain & Ease Of Use

As you saw all along the Tria has more pros than the LumaRX. You must know that nothing is perfect.. and each device has it own downsides too.

The Tria laser is more painful than IPL. Much more painful. So if you are very sensitive or not too willing to get rid of your hairs, expect more rough trip on the way to a smooth body. The LumaRX has 5 IPL energy levels you can choose and move up or down depending on how well you can bear the discomfort.

Lumarx 5 IPL energy levels low to highFor most effective results you may want to use the highest level you can bear. This is true for both devices. More energy pulsed at the hair, more heat will be formed, and better chances to disable the hair growth.

The pain factor is mentioned by nearly every one who used Tria laser, the powerful energy upside can not be ignored. Yet this issue can be easily solved. Using numbing creams and topical anesthetic gels, the discomfort can be eased.

One of the items which is frequently bought with the Tria laser is numbing cream! Rub it 30 minutes before you treat, and go though the treatment with less stress and discomfort. Note that you should follow the precautions carefully because without feeling the pain you may over zap the skin.


Tria requires more time per session, due to smaller spot size and skin color check with each pulse. The LumaRX IPL coverage is better and the pulsing is faster.

LumaRX Skin color safety sensor IPLSo if you are stressed and wish to get each hair removal session done in less time and less precision the LumaRX would be a better solution.

It is one of the best home devices you can find to get your skin smooth. Before you order check here more LumaRX reviews and customer ratings!

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LumaRX ipl vs Tria laser which is betterIf you have tried IPL and it did not deliver results as you expected, and if you are willing to invest the time required for laser sessions (which is slower than IPL) and have no problem with adding a numbing cream prior to each session, then the Tria laser is a better solution for you.

Tria is the ONLY home approved laser, and with a higher energy can deliver better results for those who follow the treatment plan.


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