LumaRX Mini IPL Is a Surprisingly Effective Hair Removal Device

LumaRX Mini IPL Effective For Hair Reduction

When people invest in a home hair removal device there is always some anxiety related to the outcome. This is true because hair removal is very emotional to our feeling attractive and feeling comfortable with ourselves. No matter if you are a guy or a girl, having a smooth body is an issue once you notice it and desire to be hair free.

Doing home hair removal, or hair reduction to be precise, means to treat the skin, bare the discomfort and wait for a few days to see the outcome. Some people have non realistic expectation when it comes to hair removal.  First of all the correct terminology is “hair reduction” because laser and IPL can not remove the hair totally, but decrease the hair growth over time.

Human skin and hair are so different between people, that it is impossible to expect perfect results with every device. The hair thickness, skin thickness, skin tone, hair color, hormonal levels, skin oiliness and so many other factors can affect the results of a home hair reduction session.

The LumaRX IPL Mini hair removal system is no different. It would be quite effective when used by the right candidate. This means if you have white skin and dark hair, you have better chances to see better results.

The second thing, many people think if they pulse their skin every day or every week, they will see results. But zapping the skin is not everything. The timing of the zapping related to the hair growth cycle has an immense affect on the results too. The IPL cam decrease the hair growth only if it zaps the hair while it is still connected to the root. Which is during the Anagen phase.

There is also some preparation which is required like shaving so that the energy is not “wasted” on hair which is not inside the follicle. And cleaning the skin from creams and lotions which clog the follicle and divert the energy.

When doing the process right, it is nice to see that IPL devices like the LumaRX Mini IPL can deliver what they promise. Check the following video testimonial of a woman who used the LumaRX Mini and has recorded her experience and review about it.

LumaRX Mini IPL Hair Removal Video Review

Summery Of The LumaRX Mini System

LumaRX Mini Hair Removal System Review DeviceThe LumaRX Mini has many upsides and some downsides too. The fact it is rechargeable and cordless is main pro.

The sleek design and the comfortable display panel is a nice pro also.

The device has a small flash window so it is easy to do pinpoint hair removal on small areas like the upper lip, chin, sideburns, bikini line and around skin warts and tattoos.

The system has skin tone sensor, to make sure the user does not flash on dark skin. It will be effective for users with dark hair and white or pale skin. The women in the video above was a suitable candidate for this device.

The 6000 flashes installed in the lamp are enough to cover most of the small areas and multiple sessions requires to see results.

LumaRx IPL Safety Skin Sensor Device IPLIf these sum up to your needs, then you can hop right over to Amazon to read current reviews and order the LumaRX for your personal home hair reduction treatment.

The downside is that if you have dark, tanned or black skin, this system is NOT suitable for you.

If you are male and seek a full body hair removal then, this system is less suitable for you. The small window and pulse rate are ideal for small areas not for full body hair reduction process. And men can not use the  to reduce facial hair like women can.

Compared to other system, the LumaRX Mini IPL user reviews have been surprisingly good! So you should definitely consider it as your ongoing solution to maintain a hair free body.