Me Mini ELOS Hair Removal Vs Me my ELOS Pro Ultra / Touch

Comparing Me Mini ELOS To Pro Ultra ELOS

Many people begin to wonder, why to invest over $500 on a hair removal device, when they can get a compact version for $300. Is there major differences or “under the hood” issues which need to be discovered, or is it just a plain good bargain?

For over 3 years the Me my ELOS home hair removal systems were incomparable to any other hair removal device, due to the fact they were using different technology with upgraded features.It was impossible to try and compare them to home laser, because they use IPL (intense pulsed light) and they could not be compared to IPL because they use ELOS which is IPL with RF (radio frequency waves) that has better benefits and safety.

Mini Chic Me ELOS vs Pro UltraThe ELOS devices have a base unit which had the display panel and placement for applicator and a corded applicator which could flash IPL and do more with added attachments (shaver and epilator).

But we live in a world that every thing gets smaller, the new innovated technology compacts every thing around us, getting smaller and thinner. Do any of us remember the first cellphones. They were bulky and huge compared to our sleek smartphones. Does it mean a thinner smartphone is less powerful than a bulky Nokia?

The same is happening to the home hair removal systems, new models are being released and they are all getting smaller, more compact and light weight.

Mini chic ELOS hair removal reviewSyneron Medical has released a new model of Me my ELOS under the brand name of Me mini ELOS (or Me Chic ELOS in some countries). The new hair removal device is a small hand held applicator with no base unit. 18 cm tall and 12 cm wide.

The power cord is connected directly to the ELOS applicator and the display panel was simplified to two buttons!

Home hair removal can not get more simple than this.

The technology of the Me Mini ELOS has not changed, it is the same FDA approved and CE European certified. It is safe for all skin colors which is not something to overlook. In case you are not aware, people with tan skin or naturally dark skin like Afro Americans, Indian, Latin, Hispanic and Middle Eastern can not use IPL or laser. The light flashes zaps and burns their dark skin instead of the dark hair.

Me Mini ELOS Vs Other ELOS Devices

The only main change is the Mini / Chic ELOS treatment window is smaller than in the regular units: Smooth, Tanda, Pro Ultra. The smaller window has it’s pros and cons. The main con is that it now covers less skin with each pulse compared to the larger units.

It would have been a major downfall if it was regular IPL, these devices have limited amount of flashes per cartridge (2000-5000) and each flash requires to wait 3 seconds between pulses. So smaller window would mean 2X more time to treat any area.

But the ELOS works differently, the pulse rate fast and RF waves complete the heating process. The Me Mini ELOS cartridge has 120,000 flashes. So the treatment might take longer than with the ELOS Pro Ultra but still half the time compared to other regular IPL systems.

Small ELOS Window Advantages

Mini Me my ELOS LampThere are advantages to a small ELOS window. The device can treat more precisely specific body areas. Smaller treatment window is great for facial hair removal, it can cover only places you want to treat like the upper lips and not zap the lips on the way. Smaller window means it easier to treat the bikini line and pubic hair.

Though not permitted officially, many use the device to removal ALL body hair “down there”, yes including the pubic, vagina and anus. With a smaller applicator this can be done more easily.

The Price Is Affordable

me ELOS mini facial hair removalFor those who did not have a choice, like people with dark or black skin, they had to pay what ever the system costs. No other hair removal system is approved or safe for their needs. All the rest of the people, those with caucasian skin preferred to save and buy cheaper IPL devices.

The new Me mini ELOS hair removal, has leveled the price with similar IPL units. This means that anyone can now get an ELOS device with a price similar to old technology IPL.

Order your new Me mini ELOS hair removal, enjoy superior ELOS technology and save money.

UK Customers…

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