The Me Mini ELOS Hair Removal System Review

Me Mini ELOS Hair Removal System

Mini Me my ELOS hair removalSyneron Medical the leader of the home hair removal systems and the ELOS technology has released a brand NEW home device, which lines up with the rest of their elite home systems. The new Me Mini ELOS is the smallest ELOS based technology home system.

For those who are new to this topic, lets review the basics.

Once upon a time… there was IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) high energy light flashes which are converted to heat when they meet dark matter. But IPL has some downsides, especially that it is dangerous for those with dark skin or not effective for those with fair hair color, treatments are slow because pulse intervals are 2-3 seconds wide.

Then came on a shinny horse Dr Shimon Eckhouse the same person who invented the IPL, and patented a new technology called ELOS.

ELOS is acronym of Electro Optical Synergy, which means unlike regular IPL devices, ELOS uses both Optical light (a flash of light) and RF which is radio frequency waves to eliminate the hair growth.

The ELOS flash of light is more gentle than in IPL, but with the energy of the RF waves they both have MORE energy than regular IPL systems. Since the flash is milder the ELOS is safe to be used on all skin colors, and thanks to the Radio Frequency wave the ELOS can mange heat all hair colors.

While regular IPL systems have 2000-5000 flashes per lamp, the ELOS has 120,000-300,000 flashes per lamp.

Review The Main Me Mini Features

The new Me mini ELOS (also branded in some countries as Me Chic) is a small and compact palm size unit. 18 cm tall 12 cm wide.

Mini ELOS hair removal reviewJust plug and play! Without a bulky base unit, like other compact IPL units (Remington IPL) you have only the unit and a connected power cord.

The Me Mini ELOS has three energy level setting. It is recommended to begin each treatment at the lowest level, and if the warm sensation is bearable, to move to medium or high for more effective results.

Me Mini ELOS Safety Measures

Like the rest of the quartz ELOS devices the Me Mini ELOS is FDA approved and CE approved (European “FDA”). The Mini Chic is safe for all skin colors (including tanned, dark brown, black, African, Indian and Latin skin types. It’s the only system approved by FDA to treat all six skin types of the Fitzpatrick scale from pale white to black.

Me Mini ELOS Laser hair removal Mini Chic Me my ELoS ReviewIt is important to make sure that both RF bars on the sides of the IPL window are touching the skin, or the device will not work.

When the bars are touching the skin the RF waves add the sufficient energy needed to disable the hair follicle. The second reason is that when the two bars are in full skin contact, the treatment window is covered by skin and there is no risk for accidental flashing toward the eyes.

Order your NEW compact superior Me Mini ELOS hair removal.

Mini Chic Me ELOS vs Pro UltraThe Me Mini ELOS has a small IPL window compared to the larger ELOS Pro Ultra system, so there is no need for a facial adapter.

The window is small enough for safe facial hair removal (upper lip, chin, sideburns) or treatments of smaller boy areas like the bikini line, pubic hair or underarms.

Value For Money Mini ELOS Device

me ELOS mini facial hair removalIf you have been interested to buy a home laser hair removal system but could not afford to buy an ELOS Pro Ultra device. One of the advantages of the new Me Mini ELOS is the lower price!

Approved for all skin colors, hair types and facial hair removal. Why settle for downgraded technology when at a similar price you can afford a Mini ELOS hair removal system.