Me Mini ELOS Hair Removal – Safety Review

Me Mini ELOS Hair Removal Safety

me ELOS mini facial hair removalWhen people think about buying a home laser hair removal system, one of the first things they think about is the safety issue. Is the system safe? Can there be eye damage? Can it cause skin burns? Will it cause cancer!!

In this review you can read about the new Me Mini ELOS hair removal system safety highlights. It is important to read the device manual before using it.

Is Me ELOS FDA Approved?

The ELOS technology has been approved by the FDA and by the European CE mark. It is currently the ONLY system approved to treat all skin colors! Unlike regular laser or IPL which are not approved by FDA to treat dark or black skin.

If people with dark or black skin use regular IPL or laser, they will immediately suffer skin burns. The FDA does not see any risk for these skin types with ELOS, which means the Me Mini ELOS is safer and has less chances to cause side effects.

Me Mini ELOS And Cancer Risks?

There are NO cancer risks for using any IPL or laser hair removal system, they are using visible light and not UV light. So you are totally safe when using the Me Mini ELOS Chic device. You can get skin cancer from sun exposure and skin tanning and not from any hair removal device.

me mini elos safety cancerNote that during any treatment with a home light based energy, you should avoid sun exposure for 72 hours, before and after a session. This is because the light flashes cause overload on natural melanin production and sun UV exposure 2-3 days before and after is not recommended.

Skin Burns Safety?

Mini ELOS hair removal reviewThe ELOS uses less joules per flash (3-4 joules) compared to laser hair removal (9-24 joules). This is why the ELOS treatment is not painful. The heat sensation in every flash is milder than a laser zap which feels like a rubber band snap on the skin.

People with specific skin conditions should consult their doctor regardless of the device they are using. In order to have a safe treatment, you need to move the applicator all the time so you are not flashing on the same spot over and over. In every session begin with the lowest ELOS level (low-medium-high) and if you can manage the sensation raise the level to achieve better results.

Me Mini ELOS – Eye Safety

Mini Chic Me my ELoS ReviewThe Me Mini ELOS has the same high safety measures like the larger home units.

There are two RF bars on the sides of the treatment window. They have to be in contact with the skin as you glide the ELOS applicator. This ensures the RF wave is transferred from side to side.

Without these two bars touching the skin, the applicator will not flash. So there is no option to flash toward the eyes.

The Me Mini ELOS has a small IPL window so precise treatments can be preformed on the face without any side glare. You can treat the chin, upper lip, cheeks and sideburns. But should never treat the eyebrows!

Safety Conclusion

Mini Me my ELOS Hair Removal safetyThe Me Mini ELOS hair removal system is safe for home and personal hair reduction. If you where thinking to buy a home hair removal system, and review the features of the main devices available at Amazon, you can see it’s better in all the specs and features.

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If safety issues troubled your mind, you can be sure the Me Mini ELOS system has top notch safety like all the premium home devices, plus it’s the only device approved for treating ALL skin colors!

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With 120,000 flashes per lamp you get even better value for money, compared to regular IPL systems which have 2000-5000 pulses per lamp.