Black Friday Deals Worth Noticing in Laser Hair Removal

Black Friday Deals For Laser Hair Removal

It is obvious that that Black Friday deals on Amazon are an event not worth to miss. If you have thought of purchasing a home laser hair removal device, then you surely do not want to miss the opportunity to save a few dozens of dollars regarding your expected purchase.

It is worth to know that for your safety, there is no use to buy a laser or IPL hair removal product just because it is on Black Friday sale, if it doesn’t fit your needs or even worse can harm or damage your skin.

Black Friday Deals AmazonThe first thing to note, is that if you have dark skin tone, anything from black, deep brown, any kind of brown shades to tanned, than most of the laser hair removal devices will not work for you. They all have a safety sensor, which detects skin tone, to prevent them from pulsing light on dark skin. This is done to prevent skin burns, so do not try to bypass these sensors.

If you do try to ‘fool the machine’, you will experience total agony and sever pain, which may end in skin burns, and discoloration.

IPL systems like the Remington IPL , Veet IPL, Philips IPL, Flash & Go IPL are all approved to treat fair skin only, and have sensors to lock the device from emitting light on dark skin. TRIA laser will be useless if you have dark skin also. So even if the deal is lucrative, save your money to another item.

Black Friday Deals On ELOS Hair Removal

me my ELOS Black FridayThe only hair removal system approved to treat dark and even black skin is the Me my ELOS. The ELOS technology was cleared by the FDA to treat all skin types, no matter their color. The ELOS and it’s premium technology usually costs above other devices.

So if you have African black, dark brown, Latin, Hispanic, Indian type of skin seek a Black Friday deal on Me my ELOS devices! What ever you get is a great bargain to find. Go foe the newer models like the Tanda, Touch, Pro Ultra those with 100,000 ELOS flashes or more. Get an ELOS hair removal system deal.

Hair Removal Deals For White Skin Types

If you have a white skin type, also known as 1-4 on the Fitzpatrick skin tone scale, than you can get any of the best performing IPL and laser systems.

TRIA LASER Black Friday DealsThe TRIA laser is the only real laser system, and all the rest are IPL systems. TRIA has more energy per spot of light compered to IPL, but the TRIA spot of light is much smaller than IPL. So if you have the time and patience to do a laser treatment session at home, the TRIA may be a better offer. You will be saving more when buying TRIA at Black Friday deals.

It is also the only cordless hair laser hair removal device, and the new models 4X has the new digital display and extended battery charge. Check TRIA Laser Deals Here

IPL Deals For Black Friday

Veet IPL pro Black FridayIf you have less free time, and less patience to man hunt each hair with a tiny laser spot, the IPL devices can do a similar job, at much faster pace.

IPL is also less painful than laser, so if you regard yourself as sensitive, IPL may be you preferred technology. The ELOS technology is the fastest and least painful of them all.

Skin tone sensor veet IPL safetyThe Veet IPL Pro is the current leader in the category. It’s easy to use, hand held IPL, with five levels of energy to use. It can be used safely on fair tone skins and dark hair to be removed.

Each cartridge has 5000 pulses, which is enough for 4-5 full body treatments. The price is already chopped in half, the Veet Pro can be purchased for less than $200! Check current coupon on the Veet Pro page (updated 11 Nov’).

We hope you shop and save as much as possible, we do encourage you to shop responsible and not to buy hair removal systems which may endanger your well being.