How Long You Have To Wait Between Laser IPL Hair Removal Sessions?

Wait Between Laser IPL Hair Removal Sessions

Veet IPL pro Black FridayIf you are planning to do home laser hair removal treatment, or have begin your treatment than you may have noticed that you can not do a session everyday. Every manufacturer has its own recommendation, but in general they all recommend a bi weekly cycle. This means you can not do a session to frequent than once every two weeks. For your own safety and for the best results you should follow the recommendation.

Pulsing IPL or Laser Too Frequently

One of the dangers you should avoid is pulsing the IPL light or laser on your skin every other day. The reason is that the flashing light can cause an overload effect on the skin melanin cells. The melanin cells are the cells which turn the skin to brown when tanning. They react with light, and when the light is intense (like when sun tanning) they produce melanin to the skin which turn our skin into a brownish tone.

When doing laser or IPL, the melanin also goes into action, but since the light is flashed only once per area, there is no excessive production of melanin.

If you try and flash IPL on the skin every day or overlap on the same spot over and over again. Except from the pain and heat burns, there could be skin discoloration. The melanin cells will be under stress from the excessive light and the production may be tampered. There can be two types of skin discoloration. When there are dark brown spots appearing – this is called hyper pigmentation. And when the melanin production is ceased and white spots appear on treated skin, this is called hypo-pigmentation.

Per Results – Pulsing Laser or IPL Daily Is Useless

Another factor many people miss, is that pulsing laser or IPL every single day is useless, because the purpose of each treatment is to pulse new hairs which have not been treated in the previous treatment. A hair root which had been pulsed is already disabled, and pulsing it again will not change anything. You need to wait for two weeks for new hairs to show up from other roots to pulse them down.

So for your best results and for your safety, follow the two weeks treatment plan, or what ever the manufacturer recommends. They have done hundreds of tests in clinical trials and field tests, and they know the balance between treatments and light exposure.

Skin tone sensor veet IPL safetyIf you are thinking about which laser or IPL system is best for your needs. Unless you have dark skin or blond hair, you can check the Veet home system which is both safe and effective:

Veet Infini’Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System For Home Use

Which has 5000 pulses per device and you can add a replacement cartridge for longer touch ups in the future.

Dark Skin Read Below

Me my ELOS touch for male chest hairIf you have dark skin (tanned, brown, black, Indian, African, Hispanic) or you have fair hair tone (light blond, white, grey, red, ginger) than you should buy the Me my ELOS hair removal system. Which is the only system approved by FDA for safely treated dark skin or light colored hair. Read hear about why you should get Me y ELOS for dark skin treatments.

The ELOS uses IPL in a slightly different way, than regular systems, so it is safe for these candidates. Other devices may not work, or may cause skin burns due to the strength of the light used on the skin.