Veet Pro IPL Can Do Safe Facial Hair Removal

Facial Hair Reduction With Veet IPL Pro

Veet IPL Pro For Facial hairThe Veet IPL Infini Silk Pro can do facial hair reduction. If you follow the manual PDF guide which comes with the device you will see that the system can treat several body areas, including:

“Ideal body areas for Veet Infini’Silk™ Pro use include the underarms, bikini line, stomach, arms, legs, back, shoulders, chest, upper lip, cheek and chin.”
As you can see the system was designed to treat upper lips, cheeks and chin, which is probably what every woman needs when she looks into facial hair removal.
If you read through the Veet’s Amazon listing you will not see these areas mentioned anywhere. In fact they will say the system is not approved for facial skin.

Veet IPL Infini Silk Pro Safety

Skin tone sensor veet IPL safetyThe Veet IPL Infini Silk Pro has the skin color sensor which detects the skin color before pulsing the light, and has the skin contact sensor, which detects that the IPL window is fully covered by the skin surface. These two help avoid mishaps which may cause skin burns and eye injuries.
The IPL treatment window is fairly narrow like other IPL systems, so it can be placed on facial areas without being too bulky. So it is easy to treat the smaller and delicate areas like upper lips without overlapping the lips themselves, which is not allowed and dangerous.
If all this applies so why is the Veet IPL Infini Silk Pro not approved for facial use? It is part of their clearance process with the FDA.
Veet pro ipl on legsThere is a greater chance for an accident while treating the face than treating the legs. So in order to get clearance, the face was excluded from the areas which are approved for the device. In other countries outside the USA, the Veet IPL Infini Silk Pro is allowed for use on facial hair, with several precautions and warnings.
For example if you check Amazon UK, you will find something interesting…
Veet Infini’Silk Pro is a salon-inspired device developed with the permanent hair reduction technology found in fine skincare clinics all over the world. Our version features a treatment lamp with a large surface, plus a precision lamp cartridge, for use on upper lip, cheeks or chin. There is no need to use eyewear with the Veet Infini’Silk Pro.
Ummm… See the bold…
Apparently the same device with the same specs, can be used in England for facial hair removal from the upper lips, chin and cheeks.
So if you were wondering whether Veet Infini’Silk Pro can treat the face? YES IT CAN.
But you will not see any reference about it at because of FDA regulations which are probably harsher than the European CE rating.
Not that you need to read the manual carefully before you do the treatments.
  • Avoid any treatments near the eyes.
  • Cover any dark skin with white paper or pencil.
  • Do not treat over large freckles, birth marks, moles or
  • Do not treat over the lips.

Veet Infini’Silk Pro IPL – Conclusion
veet_IPL On faceThe Veet is one of the leading IPL systems for home use, it is compact, safe and effective.
Many women and men may have refrained to buy it because they needed the facial hair removal feature and didn’t find it at Amazon. Now you know too the system is sold at other places with approval for facial hair removal.