Chest & Back Hair Removal For Guys With Veet IPL Pro

Chest & Back Laser Hair Removal For Guys

veet_IPL back and chest for guysWhen guys look for chest and back laser hair removal for home use, they probably need an IPL system, but never knew what’s the difference. When it comes to hair reduction for guys, they usually know how to shave or wax it off. But for permanent results or long lasting reduction, they need a device for home use.

There are both affordable laser and IPL systems to buy online. For most guys the best solution would be to buy IPL system and not laser. The technology is similar. Using light energy to heat the dark hair and zap it. The IPL has more pros than cons when it comes to men hair removal. One of the easiest and most cost effective devices out there is the Veet Infini Silk Pro IPL.

Like other IPL systems, when compared to laser:

  • IPL is less painful! This can convince most men to pick IPL over laser.
  • IPL can treat back and chest hair faster. So each session is shorter.
  • IPL is easier to use handle and use.

There are many more features which make the IPL more convenient for guys.

Chest and Back Hair Removal

Male body chest and backThe IPL requires zapping each area once and them moving to the next. Both the chest and the back are rather flat large areas to treat. Laser devices have a pin point tiny treatment spot, so a single treatment can take quite a long time (1 hour) The Veet IPL Pro has a wide treatment window of 4 cm² so it’s easy to cover a wide area like the back or chest.

Use the highest of the five energy levels available in this device for the best results. If you feel the discomfort is beyond your ability to stand. Lower the energy level one grade lower and carry on.

When you are treating the chest, you need to shave the hair first, so the energy of the IPL will heat only the hair inside the skin and it will zap the root on the way.

veet ipl guys back and chestThere is no special risk or hazard using the Veet IPL Pro, because it has two sensors which protect the user from eye damage or skin burns. You must make sure you are the right candidate for this device. This means you need to have fair caucasian skin and dark hair.

Guys with caucasian skin and dark hair get the best deal on the Veet IPL pro system here. With free shipping on Amazon.

Cover the nipples when you use the Veet IPL over the chest skin. The nipples skin is darker and will attract more light than the surrounding skin. This will cause the skin to heat instead of the hair to heat, which will end in skin burns. The best way is to cover the nipples with a white tape and just zap around them. This is true also for any mole, freckles and warts you may have on your back or chest.

Many guys have a tattoo on their back. You should NOT use the IPL over tattoos. The dark ink in the skin will attract the light and the pulse will burn right into the colored tissue.

Guys with Tanned and Black Skin Need ELOS

If your skin is tanned or dark (black. brown, African, Indian, Latin or similar) than you can not use the Veet IPL home device. It will just not work and the device will stay locked. The best solution for dark skinned guys is the ELOS technology. It is quite similar to IPL but it’s safer for all skin colors and hair types.

me my ELOS guys chest back hair removalIf you have dark skin, you can use only the Me my ELOS hair removal system. It is the only system which can treat dark skin safely without causing skin burns. No use to have a smooth skin if it gets scarred.

Only the Me my ELOS is FDA approved to treat all skin types and colors. Guys click here to order an ELOS device to remove chest and back hair.

If you get the Me my ELOS with the attachments you can shave the chest and back with the device itself. It can turn to an all around player.. plug the shaver attachment and your ELOS will shave your chest and back. Unplug it and use the applicator as an ELOS device. Less hassle and less pain.