Learn About The LumaRX Mini Hair Removal Device

LumaRX IPL Mini Hair Removal Device

It is always exciting to write about new hair removal devices. It had been a long time since there were so many new launches. Some of you may have heard about the LumaRX device. It was launched last year and was very successful. Now a NEW smaller compact model is released which is the MINI LumaRX IPL.

The new device has some interesting features which will make it one of the most promising releases of 2016.

Interesting Features Of The LumaRX

First of all its very small and handy, so it is fun to operate and use. Unlike the bulky units like the Remington IPL or the SensEpil, the hand held IPLs are certainly here to stay. It is more compact than the Flash & Go and smaller than the Veet IPL.

Another main advantage is the fact that it is rechargeable! So no wires and cables are required for any session. If it is fully charged you can treat freely in the privacy of your own room or bathroom.

LumaRx IPL Treatment WindowThe device has a very small precision treatment window. Which means you can treat delicate areas safely. Smaller areas are upper lips, bikini line and underarms. For these touch ups and make overs the LumaRX 1.4 cm² flash window is perfect.

Other units have 3 cm² or even 6 cm² window. A larger window is comfortable for treating larger areas needed to be covered (legs for women or abdominal, legs and back for men).

Slightly stronger IPL pulse than competing devices.  When used in the highest level, the LumaRX IPL has 8 joules per cm². This is higher than most of the other IPL devices which emit 6 joules usually. This increase in the light energy can be partly because the device window is smaller. A smaller window means the energy is higher per each cm² of skin.

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What Are The Cons of LumaRX Mini IPL

There is no perfect device. and each device pros has some cons embedded in them. Here are a few things you should know.

A rechargeable device is very comfortable. But it means the sessions would be shorter than a regular device. So if yo plan on specific body area each time you would be fine. But if you plan to do a full body treatment, don’t expect the device to last for hours of pulsing.

Small window means slower sessions. If you plan on treating specific body areas which bother you. It would be fine. But covering a full leg with a 1.4 cm² flash window can take forever.

Slow pulsing rate. The LumaRX has a slower pulsing rate compared to the larger devices. A pulse each 5 seconds is very slow, if you plan on covering large skin areas. Other IPL systems have 3-4 seconds pause between pulses. The premium ELOS has 2 seconds zapping rate.

Only 6000 IPL pulses. It is more than some systems, but less than is what is expected from an advanced device. Other hair reduction devices have 50,000 flashes and the Me my ELOS have 200,000 flashes and even 500,000 flashes in the 2016 newly released model. Yet for delicate hair reduction needs, for smaller areas of to maintain results achieved elsewhere, 6000 flashes are enough.

LumaRx IPL Safety Skin Sensor Device IPLNot everyone is a candidate for using the device. Like other IPL systems, the LumaRX hair removal will function on light toned skin and contrasting dark hair complexion. If you meet the requirement then you will find it is very effective. But if you do not it will be dangerous to try it on your skin. Especially if you have dark skin.

A skin tone sensor will tell you if your skin tone is safe for the session. Just press the back side of the system to your skin and wait for the affirmation beep.


The LumaRX hair removal system will be one of the leading devices this year in the mini hair removal category. It will be competing with the Veet IPL, ELOS Mini and TRIA Precise laser.  Building a strong brand name and a wide customer base, we believe the LumaRX Mini IPL is a fine device, which many can benefit from using safely at home.

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If you have dark skin or blond hair, look for the Me my ELOS system, as it is the only FDA approved and safe device to use.