Permanent Chest Hair Removal For Men

Removing Male’s Chest Hair For Good

Laser hair removal from chestIf you have been going sometimes wondering how it would be to remove your chest hair permanently, than this post is for you. Many men who have a hairy chest, do all sorts of methods to remove their hair. Some shave, others wax or use creams, but all these methods are only temporary.

Athletes remove their body hair, so do swimmers and young people for personal grooming reasons. No matter what is your reason, there is no need to be troubled by this process. There are less side effects than one might imagine.

If you really want to remove the curly hair from your chest, or abdominal there will be some sacrifice.. But not so different than the side effects you may already deal with. Like red skin (after waxing) itching stubs (after shaving) bad smell (after applying creams).

Why bother all the hassle when there is a safe and fairly convenient way to reduce hair growth permanently.

Home IPL & Laser For Chest Hair Removal

The solution is much more simple and easy going than most men would assume. Today there are small compact home devices which can zap the hair and in a few weeks your chest or abdominal can be smooth.

IPL and Laser systems are converting the light energy to heat, when they are absorbed by any dark matter. In this case your chest hair. The treatment cycle is 2-4 weeks intervals in order to zap new growing hairs. Read below answers to some of the questions which are probably running through your head.

Can IPL or Laser Cause Cancer?

No! The technology is 100% safe. The light flashes or laser do not cause cancer. Sun UV rays cause cancer. The laser or IPL light is in the visible spectrum and not UV. Even if you are stupid and decide to use these devices in a wrong way, you may get skin burns but NOT cancer.

Is It Safe? Skin Burns? Blindness?

The devices mentioned below have FDA clearance!

If you are the right candidate (more on this below) and you use the system properly, than you are safe. IPL and Laser home systems are totally SAFE. Any one can use them unless they have unique skin disease, or some complicated medical condition or breastfeeding…

if you are an a$$hole and try to con the machine and do things which the manual say you shouldn’t, than you may get burns which you deserve.

The IPL and laser systems have safety sensors to prevent stupid people to hurt themselves at home. There are sensors which lock the device from emitting laser toward the eyes, so there is no risk for any eye damage.

Do not treat the nipples with laser or IPL! The dark skin would absorb more energy than intended and it may cause a skin burn. Cover them with white tape to protect them from the zapping.

Does It Hurt?

Men Grooming chest hairYes and No. It’s not a pain a guy like you can’t handle.. 🙂 but it’s not too pleasant either. The flashes of light are felt like rubber snapping at the skin. Not something to flinch, but not as painless as an electric shaver or trimmer.

The fact millions of women have done it all over their body does not mean men can do it too..

There are simple ways to reduce the sensation. Using an ice pack will numb the sensitive abdominal skin or applying numbing creams can solve the issue too. In fact when you buy these systems at Amazon, you will see in the related items numbing creams others have bought too.

How Much Does It Cost?

These home devices cost anywhere between $200-$500, which is by far less than what you would pay at the beauty clinic. It’s worth the investment! If body hair bothers you, one device can treat any body area. So you can choose whether to remove only chest and abdominal hair or remove your pubic hair or back hair too. The system is yours, for future touch ups.

Which Device To Buy?

Are you the right candidate for laser or IPL? If not the solution for you is ELOS. ELOS (electro-optical-synergy) is an upgraded IPL technology FDA approved for all skin and hair colors.

me my ELOS Pro Ultra Plus attachmentsThe first question you need to answer is what is your chest skin color? If it’s tanned, black, brown or any dark tone, than there is only ONE system which is safe for you.

The Me ELOS system, is the only device approved by FDA for treating dark skin. Don’t bother to buy other systems, they will not work. The skin tone sensor will lock them from zapping on dark skin (which will cause skin burns) so don’t be an ass and try to bypass the sensor.

If you have dark skin get the Me ELOS system, click here, buy the ELOS 120,000+ flashes systems, they are newer!

The second question is what is your chest hair color? If your hair is white,grey, fair blond, blond or red. Only the Me ELOS technology may work for you. Regular IPL and laser technology can’t heat these types of hair colors and the result may be heating the surrounding skin.. and you don’t want that.

ELOS uses gentle IPL flash – so it hurts less than IPL or laser 🙂 plus it’s using RF radio frequency to eliminate the hair.

Home Laser System:

If your skin color is NOT dark + chest hair color IS dark, than you can buy IPL or laser systems.

TRIA LASER chest hairThe TRIA is the only recommended laser system for home use. It’s FDA approved. It’s cordless, hand held device, with a small tip. Some say the laser is more effective, you will have to see for your self. The TRIA is easy to use privately, it’s rechargeable and has thousands of hair removal success stories.

The main cons are that laser hurts more than IPL… the small tip means it takes longer time to treat each area. A chest and abdominal session could take 30 -45 minutes!

You can get any kind of TRIA color you prefer, click here to read customer reviews before you buy.

IPL Home Systems

flash and go chest hair removalAll IPL systems are mostly the same, they all use the same technology and most of them have similar specs. The main pros are that IPL hurts less than laser, they have a wide window so treatments are faster (15 minutes would cover the chest). The IPL devices are cheaper. Most of them have replacement cartridges so if your lamp runs out of flashes you can purchase just the lamp.

The main cons are that they may be slightly less effective than laser..

The leading brands you should consider are Remington, Flash & Go and Veet IPL. They are all the same each has a different lamp capacity. From 1500 flashes to 50,000 flashes.

Click here to see the Flash & Go hair removal IPL, for most men this would be a suitable solution for permanent chest hair reduction.

ELOS System Technology

This is the superior solution, the main pros are that ELOS hurts less than IPL and laser. It can treat all skin types and hair types. The newer systems have 120,000-300,000 flashes! The device has all sorts of attachments which can save you a lot of hassle. It’s super fast, the chest and abdominal can be treated within 3 minutes (the whole body in 30 minutes!)

Me my ELOS touch for male chest hairThe only con is that ELOS systems cost more than IPL and laser. If you are the right candidate for IPL you would be better off with the Flash & Go.

There are plenty of devices at Amazon from different sellers. Choose those with 120,000 flashes or more those are the new systems released.

If you are not a safe candidate for IPL and laser than Me ELOS is worth every penny.