Laser Safety Goggles For Laser Hair Removal

Using Laser Safety Goggles For Home Hair Removal

Using laser safety goggles when doing laser hair removal at home, is an option one might wont to consider. When attending a professional laser clinic, they will be giving you some kind of eye protection to make sure you do not stare at the laser beam. If a person stares directly into the laser beam, a severe eye injury might occur. The laser light might cause even blindness when it reaches the inner eye tissue.

Safe Home Hair Removal Devices

Most home hair removal devices have some kind of safety mechanism, to protect the users from accidental flashes of light to the eyes. This is done by adding a skin touch sensor at the tip of the applicator. Unless the applicator is firmly pressed at the skin, and all sides of the window are covered by skin, most systems will not emit laser or IPL flash.

For this reason if you buy a safe home hair removal device, you do not NEED laser safety goggles. Laser or IPL will not be projected unless placed over the skin.


Laser Hair Removal Eye Protection

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Avance Protective Eyewear for IPL Intense Pulsed LightIf you buy one of the semi-professional laser hair removal systems like the Avance DM6050 laser, which is actually a professional laser kit for clinics which is sold for home personal use also. The Avance home laser systems do NOT have the skin touch sensors, so the treatment process is much faster. The downside is that the beam is projected without any skin contact, and accidental emissions can occur!

In this occasion you must use laser protection goggles to protect your eyes from side radiation.

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Eye Protection Goggles For IPL Flashes

Laser + Pulsed Light Hair Removal GlassesWhen doing IPL hair removal at home, there are an endless repetitions of  light flashes. Because when doing IPL you have to follow the applicator as it treats each part of the body, some people might get dizzy watching all the light that flashes from the sides of the applicator’s window.

The IPL protection glasses have a special cover which reduces the incidental scatter during IPL treatments. It might be recommended to used them during the home treatment.

These glasses are different from the laser protection eye-wear, and they allow clear view, blocking harmful rays from the IPL flashes.

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Facial Hair Removal Protection Goggles

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Me my Elos Hair Removal Safety GogglesWhen doing laser hair removal over the face, or IPL facial hair removal, one needs a different kind of light protection goggles.

The goggles need to protect the eyes from the IPL flashes which are over the face and near the eyes. But on the other hand the goggles need to allow the person using them to be able to see what they are doing.

This unique requirements mean you can not use the laser safety goggles nor the IPL goggles. For a facial hair removal there are the Me my ELOS goggles which are delivered with the system’s facial kit.

If you do not have the Me my ELOS device, you should know it is currently the best hair removal system for home use. It is worth every penny you spend on it, as it is the only at-home ELOS technology device you will find. Read here more about the Me my ELOS.

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