Why Pale Skin Is Perfect For Laser Hair Removal – Better Results

Pale Skin Candidates For Laser Hair Removal

LumaRX Bikini hair IPL removalWhen a person thinks of doing laser hair removal at home, they need to take into account that not all skin types are the same,and not everyone will get the perfect results like the clinical trials have manged to succeed.

There are several factors which can have effect on the outcome of the laser hair removal. Two of the most important are the skin color and the hair color. In this article we will review the skin color factor while doing laser (or IPL) hair removal at home.

Both laser and IPL use the energy of light to heat the hair and disable its root from regrowing. This is done by flashing the laser or IPL light on the skin, the light when it reaches the dark pigment of the hair, warms it up in an instant zap. For this matter the skin is just the filter which covers the hair in the follicle and the root.

If the skin tone is dark, the light will be absorbed by the skin pigmented cells and less energy will reach the hair. This means that people with darker skin can expect less results when doing home hair removal treatments. It does not mean the device will be completely useless, but it does mean more treatments will be needed to see the same results pale people may see.

Candidates with pale skin have an advantage, if their hair is dark, the contrast is perfect for laser and IPL treatments. The light which is emitted will not be absorbed by the surrounding skin and more energy will be transmitted to the hair.

Pale Skin and Hair Removal Pain Factor

LumaRX Skin color safety sensor IPLAnother issue is the pain factor. When the skin is tanned or dark, the light energy will warm it up. Since the skin has nerve cells it means more pain will be felt. the zapping sensation can be very painful for people with tanned skin. While people with pale skin will feel a slight itch.

In many cases the success of the treatment depends on the energy level used. This means that people with pale skin could use the home laser device at higher energy levels and see better results than those with dark skin which will have to numb their skin to be bale to use the high energy levels.

If you have pale skin than you can probably enjoy home hair removal sessions which are more effective and less painful than those with darker skin tones. One of the home devices which have been getting top rating from other users is the LumaRX IPL home device, which can treat pale skin successfully.

LumaRX Skin chart safety IPLAs you can see, as long as your skin is white, pale or yellowish you are the perfect candidate for the Luma RX home hair removal device. If you have dark skin you should not use it and consider to get one of the ‘Me my ELOS’ home systems which use ELOS technology which is cleared by FDA to be treating dark and black skin.

Make sure you keep your skin pale, before and after the hair removal sessions. Do not sun tan! Pale skin is better.