Is a Hair Removal Device a Nice Gift For Mother’s Day?

Buying Your Mom a Hair Removal Device

hair removal gift for mom's dayWhen it comes to mother’s day, buying cute gifts for mom is quite easy. Any box of chocolates or a shirt with “we love you mom” can be enough to get a squeeze hug from mom. Other popular gifts for mom’s day are anything from the kitchen or cooking niche.

The beauty category is an easy solution for husbands. They look for a nice (expensive) brand perfume or cosmetics, and that covers their gift. The hair removal category is not too complicated, yet it is thought of by outsiders as too techy. People get scared when it comes to buying IPL and laser and they seem to get lost oi the way. In this post we will try and help you choose the right device for your mom.

Buying a Laser or IPL for Mother’s Day

Some may be embarrassed to buy mom a hair removal system as a gift, unless she asks for it, or mention it. But when you think of it, it is a gift any woman would be happy to use, and will be thankful for many years ahead for it.

me my ELOS mother's day giftFirst of all, if your mom has dark skin, black skin, tanned skin then the best (and only) system which will make her happy would be based on the ELOS technology. If your mom has red hair, ginger, grey or white hair than ELOS is the best (and only) system she could use. ELOS systems are easy to find at Amazon, you only need to type ‘ELOS hair removal’ and find the right price for your needs.

The ELOS has been cleared by the FDA as safe to be used on all skin and hair colors. These are the most advanced systems for home use, and arrive in different specs of IPL pulses, from 5600-200,000 pulses. The devices are nicely designed and preform what any other device do, better and faster.

Most people will never need so many flashes for home use. 5600 flashes will cover a complete body treatments including 3-4 cycles.

For Fair Skin Moms with Dark Hair

LumaRX Skin color safety sensor IPLFor all the rest of the moms who have fair skin (not dark and not tanned) getting an IPL device would be a perfect solution. They can be used safely on fair skin colors and dark hair colors. There are so many IPL systems to choose from, and most of them work on such a similar specs, it’s hard to make the difference.

Philips Lumea Comfort IPL for lower legsThere are “pro” units which have a base unit and a hand held applicator, with the lamp at the tip. And there are compact units which look like a large oval egg with a cord and an IPL window. The Pro units cost a little more, but have a replaceable lamp, the compact units have 50,000 flashes, but once they are emptied they are done.

Some of the brands with highest demand and ratings are LumaRX, Remington, Veet and Philips:

Each of these premium brands, have a device which is safe and effective. They all use similar IPL energy light to eliminate the hair growth.

The IPL lamp is placed over the skin and once the light is pulsed, a heat sensation is felt. The light flash penetrated the skin and reaches the hair follicle and heats it. This happen only when the hair is darker than the skin, and the skin is not tan or dark itself.


If you had in mind buying a laser hair removal for mom this mother’s day, then you can go for it. We hope this post helped clear out some of the differences and options available. Remember to give mom a kiss and a hug and tell her you lover her, she would appreciate it more than any gift inside a box.


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