Is the LumaRX IPL Safe For Facial Hair Removal?

Facial Hair Removal Safety For The LumaRX

LumaRX Body and facial IPL capMany people wonder is the new LumaRX safe for facial hair removal. The quick and basic answer is YES, it is. In this short review we will give the pros and cons of the facial hair removal safety with the LumaRX home system.

When doing facial hair removal, the treatment window needs to be precise. Many home systems like the Remington IPL, their window was planned for body treatments and is too wide to be treating safely over face. The LumaRX (and also the Me my ELOS) have managed to overcome this by adding a “facial cap” which makes the IPL window narrower and more suitable to treat the facial area safely.

The regular “body cap” of the LumaRX is 3cm², which is wide enough for body treatments. The “facial cap” 30% smaller, covering only 2cm² with each pulse.

IPL_Device Skin touch sensors LumaRXThe smaller cap has the same skin contact sensors which prevent accidental pulsing unless the window is properly covered.

Switching between the body cap and the facial cap is very easy. Just press the twp clips on the sides to release and switch the cap.

Facial Hair Removal Safe Only For Women

Note that the LumaRX was approved for removing only women’s facial hair, and NOT men. Unlike women, the male facial hair is coarse and thick and it has different growth patterns. Women’s facial hair is thinner and can be treated by IPL.

The facial areas allowed to be zapped are: Neck, chin, upper lip, cheeks and sideburns.

The LumaRX or any other IPL device for this instance are NOT allowed to go anywhere near the eyes or eyebrows! DO NOT TRY AND TREAT NEAR THE EYES.

You do not need safety glasses, the side flashing which can be seen when treating, is not dangerous. Though not needed many buy the IPL with a pair of safety goggles, which can filter the right wavelength.

Cover Dark Skin & Lips When Treating With IPL

LumaRX facial IPL capYou should avoid zapping over the lips or over any dark spot you may have like skin spots, freckles, warts, skin tags or tattoos. Pulsing over dark pigmented skin, can be very painful and may cause unwanted side effects.

The best way to prevent such side effects is to cover dark spots with a white makeup pencil, or with white masking tape. Use the applicator carefully not to pulse over the lips which are usually darker than surrounding skin.

Do a small skin test to see how you feel with the pulsing. Use the lowest level at first and raise the energy level as you proceed.

Each facial area should be flashed between 5-15 flashes each, depending on the size of the area (lips or cheeks). Read the user manual for precise instructions.

Use The LumaRX Wisely

LumaRX home hair removal device IPLBefore you order it, check here to read what other customers have to say about the LumaRX.

The device was designed to be used safely. Do not try and ‘fool the system’ as it may result in unwanted effects. Do not treat near the eyes or eyebrows, do not treat facial skin if you are male. Cover dark spots and use the facial cap for maximum safety.

You can buy here the LumaRX and get the free shipping offer by Amazon. It is currently one of the home systems with the highest rating and customer reviews.

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