3 Tips How To Get Better Results With Your Tria Laser

How To Get Better Results With The TRIA Laser?

Tria laser best laser hair removal PermanentIf you consider to buy a Tria laser system, read first below how you can increase the chances to get better results with it. The Tria Beauty laser device is the leading system used today for hair removal at home. With some small tweaks and tricks you can get better results when using it.
Understanding how TRIA laser hair removal machine works.
The TRIA manages to disable hair growth, by sending a pulse of laser energy (intense light) on the skin. When the light is absorbed by any dark matter it turns into heat. When the hair is dark and the skin is pale, the sudden heat burns the hair connected to the root, and disables the root.
So in order to get effective long lasting results with your Tria device three things apply:
  • Skin color – White
  • Hair Color – Dark
  • Growth Stage – Hair connected to root.
Having pale white skin and having dark hair will raise the effectiveness of the laser hair removal process. Being the right candidate for the TRIA laser technology means you have better chances for effective treatments and better hair reduction over time.

How Get Effective Results With Tria Laser

Tria laser hair removal pain
No Tanning Before Tria Laser Treatments

Tip #1 – Get your skin to be white as possible – Of coarse you can’t change your natural skin color. But you can make sure to begin the treatments when your skin is at its palest tone. This usually happens at the end of winter. After 4-5 months of cloudy days, and grim weather, our skin is usually more pale then ever. This is the BEST time to do home laser hair reduction!

No matter what, do not treat with the TRIA Laser after you tanned, sunbathed or been on a sunny vacation… When the skin is dark, some of the energy meant to zap the hair, will heat the skin instead. This will make the treatment more painful, and less effective.

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Is TRIA laser effective resultsTip #2 – Get your hair to be as dark as possible – If your hair is naturally dark/black then there’s no problem, the laser will zap it easily. But of your hair has light tones, blond, yellowish blond, grey, red, ginger or white, the TRIA will not be effective at all!

If there is no dark pigment to absorb the laser light, no heat would be created.. So what can you do? You need to get your hair darkened. Having a black hair placed on ‘white background’ skin is the optimal situation for the laser.

TRIA Carbon Dye for permanent results hair removal
Effective way to darken your hair.
Use carbon hair dye to strengthen the dark pigment in the hair to make the contrast better.


These dyes are used at professional hair removal salons and clinics to improve the effectiveness of their treatments. Read reviews about using the Dye with home hair removal machines.


Tip # 3 – Make sure the hairs are connected to the roots – If the hair is not connected to the root, zapping it would burn it, but have little to no effect on the root, which will grow new hairs regardless of the treatment. Only repeated treatments will make sure you are zapping hairs which are still connected.
TRIA Laser effective resltsUnderstanding the hair growth cycle.
At any given moment only 20%-25% of the hairs you see are connected to the root, and are at their Anagen stage (growth phase). The rest of the hairs are just stuck in the shaft, not connected at the root Catagen stage (cessation phase) and Telogen stage (resting phase).


So how do you know when you zap the skin which hairs are connected and which are not? You don’t.
That is why the process of zapping the skin with the TRIA laser needs to be done in cycles, so each time you manage to disable those hairs which are at their Anagen stage.  You will see better results if yo follow the treatment plan by the book.


Using the TRIA every day on the same area is useless (and can be harming). it takes several weeks for the hair to begin new growth cycle. That is why treating every two weeks is more effective than every day or every week.

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You can get better results with your TRIA laser device by following these three simple tips. Make sure to keep skin as pale as possible, your hair as dark as possible, and to follow the treatment cycle by the book.
Say good bye to your unwanted hairs, follow tips for effective results.