Best Laser Hair Growth Helmet For 2017

The Best Laser Hair Growth Helmet You Can Get at 2017

best laser hair growth systemThe laser hair growth helmets are gaining success since they were launched last year. More and more hair growth systems are being released and the customers have more options to pick from. Which is the best laser hair growth helmet for 2017?

As more and more systems and hair growth devices reach the market, those with hair loss and hair thinning problems require some assistance to pick the best system which will be best for their needs.

It is important to know a few factors about the devices which are out there.

Capillus 202 Laser Diodes Hair Growth HatThey all use the same technology – yes, they all use the same technology which is called ‘low level laser therapy’ or LLLT for short. this technology was found effective by scientists in clinical trials. When red laser light at specific wavelength is emitted at the skin, the light stimulates the hair growth cells around the follicle and like watering a dry plant, the shrinking follicle regrowth thicker hair again.

There are LEDs and Lasers – Both LED and laser can emit the specific wavelength needed (650 nano-meter), laser can penetrate better to reach lower skin layers but has a ‘small spot coverage’. LEDs spread their light, but do not penetrate the skin like laser. Lasers are better than LEDs.

FDA cleared – The technology is safe and the FDA cleared those devices which are sold in the US.

best laser hair growth system 2017The runners up for best laser hair growth system are:

  • Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Cap
  • iGrow Hands-Free Laser LED Light Therapy
  • iRestore Laser Hair Growth System
  • Theradome Hair Growth Helmet

When evaluating the best system, we compared device specs and features, customer reviews, user friendliness, price value for money.

How many light diodes they have? How many of them are laser and how many are LEDs?

Coverage of the head, which scalp areas get therapy light?

What do customers say? Those who bought the system and used it?

The price of the device? Which device is more affordable yet effective?


Best Hair Growth Helmet 2017

Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth HatOur choice for best laser hair growth helmet for 2017 is the Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Cap. Comparing it to the rest of the hair growth laser devices it has better specs and added benefits making it stand out.

Click here and order your home Capillus 82 hair growth system cap.

Why did we choose the Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Cap as the best laser hair growth device 2017?

Lasers Capillus 82 has 82 lasers, which is more than the Theradome, iGrow or iRestore systems.

Portable – The Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Cap is portable, which makes it very convenient for the long cycle of treatment needed. You can use it while driving to work, or walking around the house or sitting in the yard.

Design – The Capillus 82 and the Theradome are both portable. Yet the Theradome looks so hi-tech and futuristic no one would wear it outside. The Capillus cap looks much more natural and casual to be used outside. Which of these would you wear in your car?

Capillus vs Theradome Hair Growth Helmet LaserLaser Hair Growth Cap PainfulLaser Coverage – The Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Cap has lasers all around the inner cap. For men most of the hair loss is up at the top and above the forehead, for women hair thinning can be also all around and on the sides, and temples too.

Price – Though it cost more than the iRestore (which is our second best) the Capillus 82 costs less than the Theradome which has similar specs.

Check here to read more about the Capillus 82 and see what other customer say about it.

With all these in mind we find Capillus 82 laser hair growth cap the best device for 2017 you can have to deal with your hair loss and hair thinning situation.

2017 Second Best – iRestore Laser Hair Growth System

iRestore Laser Hair Loss reverseThe iRestore Laser Hair Growth device has 51 light spots inside it, 21 lasers and 30 LEDs. It is well built, powered by AC and not portable. Compared to similar devices it is straight forward system, (no head phones and useless stuff attached to it).

The lights are all at the top, though less than half of the 51 are lasers in some research papers LLLT – LEDs have been effective like lasers.

Best Laser hair growth helemt 2017The iRestore Laser Hair Growth System has many 4-5 star reviews from customers who have bought it and used it and saw results. It has the 6 months satisfaction guarantee which reduces the risk of buying it in case it doesn’t work for you.

Click here and order your iRestore Laser Hair Growth System directly from Amazon and get the 6 months satisfaction guarantee.

iRestore costs less than the Capillus 82, which is also in its favor!

Final tip for extra effective treatment

If your hair when pressed inside the laser cap blocks the light from reaching the skin, even 1000 lasers will not help… It is recommended to trim your hair short for the process of rejuvenating the follicles with a laser cap. The light will reach the skin and energize the wary follicles to regrow hair once again.

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