Best Hair Growth Laser Machine 2017

Which is The Best Hair Growth Laser Machine for 2017

Best Hair Growth Laser Machine for 2017ssThere are plenty of laser hair growth machines and solutions out there to choose from. They all seem quite similar with their hi-tech fluff and red lights. Which of these systems may be better for you? Which is the best hair growth laser machine for 2017?

The hair growth laser combs do not make it into our finals. They may work for some people, but in our view their overall specs and unfriendliness use, they fall out from this challenge.

There are super expensive clinic laser machines, which stimulate the hair growth with similar technology as the home laser caps and helmets. But since these bulky machines are not for sale to the regular guys and gals, we will skip them too.

So we are left with the home based systems. Which of these is the best hair regrowth laser solution machine?

Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth MachineIn our perspective the current (mid 2017) best system you can get to enhance hair growth with laser at home, is the Capillus 82 laser hair growth cap (See image on right).

Here are our reasons:

Reason # 1Number of lasers inside the hat! The Capillus has 82 lasers inside the cap, which is more than any other similar cap, hat or helmet.

The other laser machines have less lasers installed – 20-50 lasers. So they are inferior to the Capillus 82 when amount of lasers is compared. There are helmet brands with 80 lasers but they have other features we see as disadvantages, more about this below.

In fact Capillus have an even upgraded version cap with 202 lasers inside!! Which is a whooping advantage when you understand that the laser light is what stimulates the hair growth. See below the difference between the two models.

Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Cap vs 202 Laser CapCapillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Cap for seniorsReason #2 – Portable laser hair growth device! The Capillus 82 (and the 202 model) are both portable solutions. This means you can wear them anywhere in the house or outside.

This is a huge advantage, because these caps need to be worn 25-30 minutes per day, 3-4 times a week. Being portable makes better chances people will keep the treatment going for months as required.

Other home hair growth laser machines need to be connected to AC power. Which is OK but less than perfect.

Reason #3 – Casual looking design! This is related to the portable feature issue. There is one more laser hair growth device which is portable also, the Theradome laser helmet (see on the right side).

Capillus vs Theradome Hair Growth Helmet LaserThe Theradome helmet is like a ‘futuristic space helmet’, in our humble opinion is not something you would wear outside, say for an evening walk with your dog, or put on your head when driving to work. So its portable feature is useful only for home, which makes it less optimal than the Capillus caps.

See how the portable hair growth laser machine is used inside the house.

Reason #4 – Lasers are spread all around the cap! There are different patterns of hair loss and thinning hair. For men most of it is at the top of the head, for women its hair thinning all around. The Capillus has 82 lasers spread evenly inside the cap. This covers the top part and the sides too, stimulating the hair growth all around.

Other caps have their lasers at the top of the helmet only.

Reason # 5 The price! There are home hair growth laser machines which cost $35 (combs with 5 LEDs), there are helmets with 20 lasers + 30 LEDS which cost around $550-$600, and they are not portable and don’t have a casual design.

At the top tier of the home hair regrowth laser machines there are the portable machines with 80 lasers like the Theradome and the Capillus. The Capillus 82 beats the Theradome price by being about $100 less!

Click here to get the Capillus 82 portable hair growth cap from home use, directly from Amazon, comes in a discrete box!

Capillus 82 Lasers Vs 202 Lasers CapWe might have picked the Capillus 202 as the best laser hair growth machine for 2017, but it costs $1999 which is more than the average person may have to invest in a hair growth solution.

Click here if you want the absolutely top notch laser hair growth system for home use you can buy. The Capillus 202 laser cap.

If you have the financial ability to order it, the Capillus 202 can be far more effective targeting 202 laser diodes at the hair!

Conclusion – There is no perfect machine, and no magic laser machine for hair growth. But the combination of casual design, packed with lasers, being portable makes the Capillus caps stand out in the category this year (2017).

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