Laser Hair Growing Hat / Cap For Seniors and Elderly

Can Seniors and Elderly Use a Laser Hair Growing Cap

Laser hair growth cap for elderly senior peopleIt is no secret that laser hair growing caps are taking their spot as a new trend and getting social approval as a cool new technology. Would they be effective for elderly people and seniors? What are their pros and cons and would they be able to be a solution for thinning hair for elderly and seniors too.

Hair thinning and baldness have so many factors and reasons, even the doctors are not always sure for the reason one person begins to shed hair at the top while another sees forehead line regressing backwards.

Though laser hair growing caps can help stimulate new hair growth they are not a ‘magic pill’ and the effectiveness and success rate differs widely from person to person. In this article we will try and share information for elderly people who seek to learn would these laser caps be suitable for them as well.

The Laser Can Stimulate Live Follicles Only

Laser Diodes Hair Growth Hat for elderly peopleThe technology used in these laser systems is based on the known fact that light can transform into heat, and heat can stimulate cell activity. All the hair growing lasers use the same wavelength ‘frequency’ of 640-680 nano-meter, which can be seen by the naked eye as red light.

This laser technology is called LLLT – which stands for ‘low level laser therapy’. The same type of laser used for ‘laser hair removal’ and dentists.

The heat which is produced stimulates the blood flow and cell reproduction, rejuvenating hair growth. The science of phototherapy (photo=light) can assist hair growth in several ways, covers some of them:

  • Increase cell metabolism and the health of blood vessels in the scalp for thicker, supple and more durable hair shafts

  • Stimulate the sebaceous glands for silkier-looking hair

  • Increase melanin production in the hair follicles, darkening gray hairs.

But this can happen only if the hair root is still active. Even if the follicle can grow only thin, fine, silk hairs, it is still active. If the root of the hair is no longer active the laser will not be able to ‘re-activate’ it.

For this reason elderly people who have only recently began to notice the hair thinning and the mild to moderate patterns of hair loss may expect some results by using the laser caps. If the hair thinning and hair loos patterns have been the same for 20 years, there is no real chance the laser hat will reverse this.

Compared to younger people, it might be more challenging to get the same results as an elderly. The metabolism and cell reproduction are different, and what may be effective for a 40 year old male, many not be the same for a 60 years old one.

Which Hair Grow Laser Hat or Helmet Elderly Can Use?

There are several types of laser solutions. We will cover only the hats and helmets and ignore the laser combs. Though they use the same technology, a hand held combs are heavy, with 7 minute session, and only 8 laser diodes, moving randomly is not a proper steady way to transfer heat, especially for seniors it may probably be far less effective than expected.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth Helmet for elderly menAC Powered Laser Hats – Very common types of hair growing laser systems come in a AC powered format. These helmets have a futuristic style, like the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System you can see in the image. They can be used only when connected to AC power.

They require 25-30 minutes per treatment, 3-4 times a week. If your life’s tempo has the ability to sit for this period of time every day for few months, then theĀ iRestore Laser and similar are more cost effective than the portable ones.

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Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Cap for seniorsPortable Laser Hats – These are newer versions of the AC powered laser hair growth systems. Requiring the same amount of treatment time per day (25 minutes) and sessions per week (3-4) for several months.

Their most obvious upgrade is that they have a battery pack, so they are portable and can be worn anywhere around the house or outside.

They have other advantage as newer solutions and that is they have much more laser adjusted inside them.

Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Cap Vs iRestore Laser SystemThe portable Capillus Laser Hat have 80-200 laser diodes embedded in the hat while the iRestore Laser Hair Growth System have 51 lasers and LED lights only.

Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth Cap for womenThere are two formats to the Capillus hats, one with 82 diodes of laser and an top notch versions with a dazzling 202 lasers! There is no doubt that what ever the 82 laser can do, the 202 lasers can do better, with higher skin coverage and better chances for stimulation success.

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Or click here and go for the 82 diode laser Capillus portable hair growth system.

And as mentioned above, senior hair loss, hair thinning and melanin enhancement is challenging as it is. Added lasers mean more laser spots, more light penetration and more heat generated where it is needed.