Laser Hair Growth Cap System – FDA-Cleared – For Women

Women Laser Hair Growth Cap System

Laser Hair Growth hat for womenHair loss is not only a masculine problem, there are many women who find out their hair is thinning in a troubling way. Androgenetic alopecia (hair loss) are common for women too and the solutions out there can help both sexes.

While men lose hair in the top of their head, as a circle of baldness appears, or the sides of the forehead spread deeper into the top of the head. Women types of hair loss is more an issue of thinning and thinning until the scalp skin is well visible.

There is no question that a full wave hair is beautiful for women. Men have learned to live with the loss of hair, and some men prefer the smooth head and refer to it as sexy.  Unfortunately for women being bald is not an option, women losing hair and with sever hair thinning have only the option to wear a wig, which like men its a cosmetic solution.

Laser Hair Growth Cap Also For Women

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System for women hair lossIn the last few years there have been development in the laser technology as new and safe consumer items have been reaching the markets. New items have arrived which help to regrow hair where the follicle hair reproduction has been slowing down.

The technology of laser is not new, what is new is the neat and easy implementation of the laser to send light energy (heat) into the skin to revitalize the roots and rejuvenate the hair follicle to reproduce hair. Like watering a plant, the skin cells get energizes by the direct Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) light energy which penetrates the skin and reached the lower skin levels. The light heats the hair root cells, and helps the production of new hairs.

Expect Some Results But Don’t Expect Magic

While stimulating the follicle cells helps the hair grow thicker and in follicles which have weakened down, it is worth to know, that this is not a magic pill. The treatment requires wearing the laser hair growing cap for 25 minutes every other day and following the treatment plan. Even then the results are thicker hair but not as it was when you were a teenager.

The human hair growth is connected to the general health of the body and the hormonal system. There are some hair loss diseases which the hair growth cap system can not deal and assist with.

iRestore Laser For Women Hair LossThe iRestore Laser Hair Growth System for example can be used only at specific types of women hair loss. This hair loss is measured by two similar known scales. Ludwig Scale & the Savin Scale are nearly identical in nature and they show in images the type of hair thinning and progress.

Below are six types (out of nine) in the Savin Scale which the laser hair growth cap is allowed to be used with. The three other types of baldness are advanced types which leave no real chance for relief by the hair growth laser helmet cap.

Savin scale of hair loss in women iRestore Laser Hair Growth System HelmetHow To Use The Laser Hair Regrowth Cap

The hair growth cap has 51 laser and LED lights installed inside it, when the cap in connected to the AC power and turned on, the laser light and LED lights begin their work. The LED light and laser are designed to emit 650 nm (nanometer) of wavelength of light, which can penetrate the skin and reach deeper down than normal ‘white light’ can. The laser light is focused and reaches deeper than the LED, while the LED lights spread their light to cover more skin area.

Laser comb vs laser hair growth capSince women hair thinning is usually more even than men patterns of balding, the red light covers most of the upper scalp. Each session takes 25 minutes, and the session need to be done every other day. Though this is time consuming, those women who suffer hair loss are willing to do much more to restore their former look and self esteem.

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Safety of the laser hair regrowth caps. People with skin conditions which do not allow them to expose their skin to the sun, should not use these type of laser helmet solutions.

Do not try and stare into the laser light emitted (the laser will turn on only when cap is placed on head).

The laser light is not safe for those with dark skin, dark brown or black, as the laser light is designed to penetrate the skin and heat the hair follicle inside it. When the skin is pigmented, the skin absorbs the light energy and heats instead of the hair root. This is true also for laser hair removal devices.

Apart from this the laser hair regrowth therapy is FDA cleared which means it has passed the tests and procedures to proof it is safe to be distributed for home use.

Woman hair regowth laser cap helmetIf you are a woman and have been suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, these new solutions might help slow down the thinning and may restore some new hair growth too. You can click here and order your FDA cleared laser hair growth cap directly from Amazon.

Though not cheap, compared to other solutions which involve laser and hair growth the laser hair cap is worth a try. With six month for money back guarantee, enough time to see results and decide whether to keep on or return.