Is Laser Therapy Hair Growth Cap a Scam

Are Laser Hair Growth Helmets Scam?

Laser Low Level Hair Growth Cap Scam?For those who suffer hair loss the self confidence and self esteem effects are far greater than one might expect. There are several new types of products which can be purchased online and offer some way to restore hair loss and regrowth of hair. Many wonder whether these types of combs, hats, helmets are actually a scam, made to rip them off their hard earned money.

In this short article we will cover the offered solutions using Low Level Laser Treatments LLLT and see if they are a scam.

Low Level Laser Therapy Since 1966

Laser Hair Growth Therapy Cap Not ScamThe first physician to discover a connection between laser heat and accelerated hair growth in rats… was an Hungarian doctor at 1966. Since then the technology was well researched at numerous centers around the world. There is a direct correlation in some types of hair loss conditions allowing hair regrow back after being exposed to LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy).

The hair follicle which is in the deeper layers of the skin is covered with blood vessels and there is a natural process of the follicle getting smaller and weaker as we get older. The low-level-laser therapy reverses the natural process of miniaturization where the hair follicle weakens with each hair cycle.

This has been tried on hundreds of patients and in clinical trials. So low level laser therapy IS NOT A SCAM, it is real as any other of medical device using laser to treat specific conditions (like laser hair removal).

Laser Hair Growth Caps – NOT SCAM

Laser therapy has been shown to be effective in stimulating and energizing the cells within the hair follicle. The exact reasons of hair thinning in men and women are still not clear to the doctors.

There are complex hormonal effects causing balding and hair loss, and low level laser can not treat all of them. For this reason some of those who bought a laser hair growing cap did not see the expected results and reached the immediate conclusion that they are a scam.

When treating in a professional clinic office one can expect to get explanations when the treatment is not proceeding as planned, or the dermatologist can change the treatment plan accordingly. At home everyone follows ‘one size fits all’ type of laser cap treatment and sometimes it doesn’t and scam claims can be heard.

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System for women hair lossSuitable for men and women, low level laser caps are not a scam but a home solution which have some effect stimulating hair growth, helping thin hair grow thicker and slowing hair loss process at beginning stages. Click here to get a low level laser cap system to assist hair growth were it too thin on your head. These systems have FDA clearance and sold online at Amazon.

Compared to hair transplant and dermatologist clinic treatments with laser, the low level laser hair growth caps, are a sensible solution at an affordable price. This is true especially when you learn that dermatologist office treatment use the same 650 nanometer laser just like a home cap has. All the new technology caps are cleared by FDA.

Click here to buy a laser hair growing cap system from Amazon.

It is recommended to buy these types of laser cap systems only from reputed online stores INSIDE the USA, as FDA is covering only devices sold in the US. Getting ‘cheap’ systems sent from overseas may not be safe, and those types can be a scam.


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