You Should Stay Away From The Sun After Using Tria Laser

Stay Away From Sun After Laser Sessions

brazilian laser hair removal TRIA landing stripThe summer is nearly here and many people begin to think about laser hair removal at home, to get rid of all the unwanted hair which grew all winter. One of the most popular home laser devices is the Tria Laser, used to reduce hair growth. Read below why you should stay away from the sun (or at least get decent protection) after using your Tria laser.

You should know that the main issue you should worry about after doing home laser hair removal treatments is to stay away from the sun UV rays.

UV Cause Cancer – Not Hair Removal Lasers

Sun Tanning Tria laserMany people ask, does laser hair removal cause cancer? The answer is NO, but the sun UV certainly can cause cancer.

During the laser treatment, no matter if it’s IPL or laser, the skin is bombarded by light energy! The natural way of the skin to protect itself from the energy is to produce more melanin cells, which cause our skin to become tanned.

Since the laser zapping is so intense yet it takes only Milli-seconds each time, the natural cell production defense of the skin is usually tampered.

The most harmful rays are the sun UV rays which can cause all the unwanted side effects you can think of. From skin burns, to aging, skin spots, wrinkles and cancer. When the natural defense mechanism is weakened by the laser and the body is left defenseless from the cancerous UV rays.

Treat With Tria During Winter

TRIA laser 4x for Brazilian landing stripThe best time to do laser hair removal sessions with the Tria system, is during the winter, the skin has more time to recover and the sun UV rays are usually not as intense as mid summer.

The treatment schedule takes 2-3 month to cover the hair growth cycle, so the last sessions may be done in spring when the sun is still not too intense.

If you still do not have a Tria laser hair removal unit, click here and order yours from Amazon. By the end of the season you will have less unwanted hair.

Now go get rid of those hairs… !


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