Comparing Gillette Venus IPL Vs. Remington IPL iLIGHT Ultra

Gillette Venus IPL 5001 Vs Remington Ultra IPL6500

These are the two leading hair removal IPL devices today on the market. On one side Remington which has several IPL hair removal systems, and has thousands of loyal customers and experience in these niche. On the other side Gillette Venus Silk-Expert 5001 which is a new system powered by Braun a global leading beauty shavers and epilators manufacturer.


When coming to decide which hair removal is best for your needs, on of the aspects to consider is the safety issue of home treatment. Both of the systems have a technology which is FDA cleared, yet there are some differences between them.

Candidates For Gillette IPL Vs Remington IPL

The Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL has an advantage here over the Remington IPL iLIGHT Ultra. The Gillette Venus IPL has a wider variety of skin types which it can treat. The skin tone level is measured by a chart from 1-6. One is the fairest “snow white” skin and Six is black African skin. Most IPL can treat skin tones 1-4, when the skin becomes dark, naturally or tanned, the IPL becomes dangerous to the skin.

The Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001, has a SensoAdapt which means it can lower the IPL flash energy when pulsing over darker tones. This is an advantage to many people who have tanned skin. If your skin is naturally 1-4 then any IPL will be effective and safe for you.

Facial Hair Removal Comparison

Here the Remington IPL iLIGHT Ultra has an advantage as it is intended to be used on facial hair, and has a facial cap which narrows the iPL window for better precision. The Gillette is not intended to be used on facial hair at all. The Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 user manual say:

The device is intended for the permanent reduction in unwanted, visible hair for a single user.
Women: Legs, arms, underarms, bikini area
CAUTION: Do not use the device on the face or genital area.
Men:Shoulders and below (chest, back, arms, stomach, legs)
CAUTION: Do not use on the face, neck or genital area.
The device is intended to be used on body hair below the neck, including arms,underarms, bikini line, stomach and legs.

This doesn’t mean users are avoiding such treatment… If you read some of Amazon Questions and Answers you can see that many of those who bough the Venus Silk-Expert IPL have been using it for facial hair removal.

Treating The Genital Area

Both devices are not approved for treatment in the genital area. The skin gets more delicate and darker too, which makes the treatment more risky and painful. Flashing IPL on bikini line is approved, but not in the deep bikini line.

Maximum Pulse Energy Compared

Both systems use the IPL technology, the the Remington IPL iLIGHT Ultra has a higher energy level compared Gillette IPL. The energy is measured by J/cm2 which is Joules per square cm. It is a factor of window size and pulse frequency, when higher J/cm2 means more energy transferred to the skin to disable the hair root. Remington IPL iLIGHT Ultra has 8 J/cm2 (±20%) while the max level of the Gillette Venus Silk IPL is 6 J/cm2.

Eye Safety & Skin Safety

Both systems have skin safety sensors, which check the skin tone and prevent the device from emitting IPL pulse on dark skin tone.

remington-ilight-vs-gillette-silk-venusBoth systems have the same skin-touch sensor which requires the IPL window to be pressed at the skin in order to pulse. This help to prevent accidental pulsing IPL flashes toward the eyes. The hand applicator has to be pressed to the skin in order for the device to flash.


Though not officially approved for facial hair, it is used by customers with the same precautions which are needed for all IPL and laser devices. The Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL is currently selling better than the Remington at Amazon, when comparing the Best Seller Rank. Click here to order the Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL.

While both of the devices are 100% safe, the Gillette Venus Silk-expert IPL has softer IPL while using the high-tech SensoAdapt feature which adapts the energy level pulsed to the skin tone it treats. Click here to read more about the Gillette Venus Silk-expert IPL.