Can The Gillette Venus IPL Silk Expert Be Used For Genital Hair Removal

Using Gillette Venus IPL Silk Expert On Genitals

Gillette IPL Venus Hair Removal GenitalsMany people are searching for a laser or a home hair removal IPL which could help them remove genitals hair. One of the frequent questions regarding the Gillette Venus IPL Silk Expert device is whether it can be safe to use it for genital hair removal.

The straight forward answer is NO, according to the manual and the safety guidelines the Gillette Venus IPL should not be used for genital hair removal. The closest you can get is to the bikini line. Here is how they phrase it in Braun official starter’s kit page:


  • Is IPL suitable for intimate areas?

    IPL is safe for use on the bikini line, but it isn’t suitable for the genital area where the skin may have a darker colour and where there is a greater hair density, which would absorb more light energy and may cause discomfort.


As expected the genital skin is not permitted to be treated. So you should follow this guideline.

Using IPL To Reduce Pubic Hair

Even though the system is not approved for removing hair from private parts, there are many people who admit they have used IPL to reduce the hair growth in their ‘lower kingdom’ to be smoother and sexier, and to enjoy the bare feeling.

Some women have used IPL to design a thinner bikini line, either a ‘pubic landing strip’ or a a full bare Brazilian. Which means removing everything.

Technically the process of doing IPL over genitals can be possible as long as the skin tone is not too dark. If the skin is too dark, the pulsing of intense light becomes very painful!

The pubic and genital skin is more sensitive and is more delicate. The Gillette Venus IPL zapping can be felt as rubber band snaps. What can be tolerable over the legs and be torture over genitals..

Gillete IPL Venus For Genitals Vagina Hair RemovalThe new Braun Gillette’s IPL Venus Silk Expert has a new feature called SensoAdapt™ which is a sensor that examines the skin tone during the flashing, and can adapt the intensity of the light energy when the tone gets darker. This helps reduce pain and maintain a level of effectiveness.

This means that if you do decide to use it over genitals the system may pulse softer flashes when you glide over the genitals. As it will sense the darker tone and will reduce the energy level.

Check here user comments about Gillette Venus IPL before you order.

There are other and safer ways to remove hair from vagina or genitals, without using the Gillette Venus IPL, like shaving or using creams.

If you want to do it with Gillette Venus IPL read the item’s question section at Amazon.

Some people decide to do it with IPL or laser even though they are not cleared by FDA, and have some risk involved when treating for such delicate body areas.

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