Gillette Venus IPL Vs LumaRx IPL – Which is Better?

Comparing Gillette Venus IPL Vs LumaRx IPL

For more than a year there were no exciting news in the home hair removal category. There were the same devices with same features and not much possibilities to choose from. But this have changed this year (2016) when the LumaRX IPL has appeared and a few month later the Gillette Venus IPL showed up too. These are currently the two leading home IPL systems to pick from. In this post we will place the main features side by side so you can compare and learn which of them is best for your needs.

 Gillette IPL vs LumaRx IPLBoth of the systems have a safe and proved technology. Both show off impressing results for hair reduction in trials done on focus groups. The percentage are not really relevant because people’s skin is different between each person, and different results are expected anyway. Here is a comparison between the main features.

IPL Lamp Cartridge Capacity – LumaRX & Gillette Venus IPL

The LumaRX hair removal device has 65,000 flashes ‘stored’ in it’s lamp. This means a user has 65,000 pulses available before you may need to replace the treatment lamp. The Gillette Silk Expert IPL has a 120,000 pulses capacity. This sounds as if it is twice as good, but the reality is that they are just the same.

These are enormous amount of flashes. A full body treatment needs about 750-1000 flashes to cover the whole body. Doing a treatment once every week or two weeks, for 8 weeks in a row, is 8000 flashes, most people will not need all this capacity which can last for years. So if it is 65K or 120K doesn’t matter most people will never reach even half of this.

Gillette IPL Treats More ‘Skin Per Minute’ Vs. LumaRX IPL

LumaRX Body and facial IPL capThe LumaRX IPL and the Gillette IPL has both the same size of treatment window. They have a 3 cm² size window which is quite large compared to other IPL and certainly compared to laser devices. A large IPL lamp means with each pulse you can cover more skin, so the treatment takes less time.

The other main factor for shorter treatments is the speed rate of the pulsing. Here the Gillette Venus IPL Silk Expert has an advantage! It can pulse more per flashes per minute, in fact it is 50% faster. Pulsing once every 1-2 seconds while the LumaRX pulses once every  3 seconds. Both systems have the “gliding’ motion option, but the Gillette IPL will glide faster, thus complete covering a leg or arm faster.

If you are short on time,and have tight daily schedule then the Gillette Venus IPL may be more suitable for your lifestyle.

LumaRX IPL Has a ‘Stronger’ Pulse Than Gillette’s IPL

One of the factors which makes an IPL effective is the intensity of the light energy it is able to pass in each pulse. Here the LumaRx IPL has a better performance than the Gillette IPL. The LumaRx can produce up to maximum energy of 8 J/cm2 (Joules per cm²) while the Gillette IPL has maximum optical output of 6 J/cm2. A stronger pulse per cm² of skin means more energy to disable the hair.

If you have tried other IPL systems and didn’t see the results you expected you can consider the LumaRx IPL Beauty System – higher energy may influence better results.

Gillette Venus IPL Can Treat More Skin Types

Gillette Venus IPL Skin Sensor Silk ExpertThe Gillette IPL has some new features which are quite revolutionary. The main one is the SensoAdapt™ sensor which checks the exact tone of the skin 80 times per second, and adapts the required energy accordingly. This adds to the safety, preventing darker skin being pulsed by high energy, which is painful. The SensoAdapt™ helps the user enjoy the Gentle Mode, allowing a wider range of skin tones to use the device safely.

The LumaRx can treat only skin types 1-4, where 1 is pale white, and 4 is olive mildly tanned. The Gillette IPL can treat skin tones which are one tone darker, 1-5, where 5  is dark tanned skin.

So if you have a dark skin complexion, the Gillette IPL will be better and safer for your needs.

So Which Hair Removal Device Is Better?

We favor in this comparison the Gillette Venus IPL system, due to the wider range of types it can cover and the advanced features which allow mre adapted pulsing per skin type compared to the LumaRx. You can read more reviews by real customers about the Gillette IPL Silk Expert.

If you need a system with higher pulsing energy the LumaRx will be a better choice for you. Note LumaRx IPL has been longer around and has high reviews and ratings which you can check out HERE.


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