Is The Remington iLIGHT Ultra IPL Safe For Pubic Hair Removal

Remington iLIGHT IPL Ultra Safe On Pubic Skin?

remington-ilight-ultra-new-ipl-system-hair-removal-hand-setThere are many reasons people buy a home laser or IPL device, one main advantage is the privacy. Getting smooth all over the body means removing the hair even ‘down there’ in the private part. Removing the pubic hair is very common for men and women, as it is one of the places people prefer to be bare and hairless.

Remington IPL can be a suitable device to be doing just that.

Not too many people would feel comfortable to lay naked and get a stranger to work on them as you can see in the video below. The alternative is doing a home treatment with an IPL device – In this article we will review the safety doing it with the Remington iLight Ultra IPL6500 system.

Using Remington IPL Hair Removal On Pubic Hair

The best candidates for the Remington IPL are those with fair skin and dark hair. This goes as well for the pubic area too. The dark hair catches the IPL flash energy and turns it into heat, which disables the follicle. Fair skin absorbs less energy with every flash, which means less pain.

pubic hair remington IPL hair removalThe Remington IPL has a skin tone sensor when checks to see the skin is not too dark, to avoid pain and skin burns which can occur when flashing on tanned and dark skin. Make sure to check your skin tone before you treat the pubic kin area. Usually the skin is whiter at the pubic, because it gets less sun exposure, so there is no problem with that.

When doing laser or IPL you should shave the skin before so all the energy is targeting only the hair INSIDE the follicle.

Women should note that usually the skin in the lower pubic area, gets darker as it gets closer to the genital opening. This means the skin will be getting more energy and can be more painful than expected. The area itself is very sensitive as it is…

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If your skin around your private parts is brown / dark / tanned, you should consider NOT to use laser or IPL to treat it down there.

Many people use numbing gels to over come the pain and sensitive discomfort doing IPL on private parts and pubic skin. This is not recommended as the pain is like a natural warning sensor, and numbing the sensors can cause a person to treat with higher level of energy than is safe for their skin.

Pubic Area Hair Removal

If you want to do some hair style and shaping to your pubic hair, you can do it by shaving the desired area and doing the treatment on the parts you wish to remove. There are several designs which are popular, from a tiny triangle, to a ‘landing strip’ or going full bare Brazilian.

If you have tattoos or any dark skin moles around the treated area, you should cover them with white tape or white pencil. Zapping with the Remington IPL over tattoos can be dangerous and even end with skin scarring, as the dark ink will absorb all the energy and end up in intense heat burning the skin tissue.

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