Can Blond Hair Women Use the Remington IPL iLight Ultra Hair Removal

Doing IPL With Remington IPL iLight Ultra on Blond Hair

Blond hair removal with Remington IPL 6500Many people who have blond hair are seeking solutions for permanent hair reduction with a home IPL hair removal device. One of the systems used the Remington IPL6500 Ultra system. In order to know what to expect from the Remington IPL system, you need to understand who are the best candidates for such a treatment.

The most effective results will be for those with fair skin and dark hair. The IPL technology works best when the light energy is emitted on dark matter (the hair) and the hair heats until the root is disabled. When the hair is not dark, the energy will not transform to the maximum heat level possible, and the hair might warm but not ‘zap’ as it is supposed to.

Due to this basic fact, IPL devices are not meant to treat blond hair colors. The intense light flash does not ‘get caught’ well by the blond pigment, and the expected effect would be less than described for normal hair.

How To Remove Blond Hair With Remington IPL iLight Ultra

There are several ways to do the treatments and try and get results even on blond hair. First it depends on the type of blond hair you have. There are dark blond and yellow blond and white blond hair types.

If your hair is dark blond, it just might work for you, as for those with light brown hair types. If you have a fair white blond, than the task is a little more challenging. One option would be to dye your hair darker. The dye color pigment when absorbed into the hair, makes it darker, and it will catch more light energy.

It is advised not to get sun tanned before the treatments, because if the skin is darker than the hair, it can be a very painful experience! The light energy will heat the dark skin tissue, causing skin burns and scarring! So keeping the skin tone as fair as you can could help the blond pigment be ‘darker’ than the surrounding skin.

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Use the High Level Of Energy

Remington smooth legs womanEach Remington has several energy level settings. Customers who are blond and used the device said they have reached better results with the higher settings.

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The high level means more light is emitted at the skin, so even with less pigment there is some effect after all.


Though not the best optimal situation, removing hair with the Remington IPL 6500 iLight is possible for those with the darker blond tones and those with the fair skin. Those with white blond might not be able to get the effective results.