Is The Remington IPL Ultra Safe For Men Hair Removal?

Using The Remington IPL Ultra For Removing Men’s Hair Safely

Man IPL laser hair removal RemingtonMany of the customers for home laser hair removal system, are men, who wish to get their excessive hair reduced or even better gone. One of the best systems available today to buy online is the Is The Remington IPL Ultra 6500QFB. It is the latest device released by Remington, and so far it seems like a great success.

When it comes to males hair reduction, there are some things to know, and facts to acknowledge so you know what to expect. There are also safety issues worth knowing so you can go though safely without any mishaps.

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Men’s Hair Is Not Like Women’s Hair

Men’s hair growth is different than women’s hair, it is thicker and more rigid. Usually men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin too. These differences mean that the IPL needs to work ‘harder’ to disable male hair and different results for reduction can be expected with similar treatments. With this said, doing home treatments for men’s hair removal can be very effective for the right candidates.

Remington ILight Ultra Best ‘Male Candidate’

In order for the light energy to be turned to heat, the hair it is targeting should be dark! If you have dark hair then the results will be better for you than for those with blond, grey or white hair. These types of hairs do not have enough color pigment in them to transform the light in to heat.

The second parameter for a successful treatment is that the skin should be light tone color. This makes the dark hair stand out, and most of the energy will be absorbed by it. If the skin is dark then the Remington may not even work, as it is not safe to treat dark skin. The dark pigment in the skin will get heated, burning the skin tissue instead of the hair.

How to Do Men Do Treatment Safely

Follow the Remington IPL guide book you get with the device. Read it carefully as it has all the information needed for a safe and successful treatment.

You will need to shave every body part you are zapping. So if you are targeting the abdominal or shoulders these areas need to be shaved prior to the treatment. Make sure the skin is dry and clean, so there is nothing to block the light from reaching the hair in the follicle.

Treating Over Tattoos

Man tattoo IPL laser hair Remington removalDo not treat over dark skin! Do not treat over tattoos! This is very important, because the the dark ink of the tattoo will get the intense light energy and will burn in a fast and furious zap! Leaving you with a scar and burned skin!

If you have tattoos you need to cover them with white tape or white pencil so they do not get any of the light energy!

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No Facial Hair Removal With IPL For Men

You can zap any area in your body except facial hair! Female’s facial hair is not like male’s hair. It is thinner and softer (that’s why they do not grow beard and mustache..) for teh same reason they can use the Remington iLight IPL6500 for facial hair removal and men can NOT!. Trying to do it can end in even more excessive hair growth.

Men’s facial hair grows daily and can not be disabled with IPL. So the device is approved for men only from the neck and downwards.

More Safety Tips For Men

remington-ilight-ultra-new-ipl-system-hair-removal-1There is no need for safety goggles when doing home IPL treatments. The unit will work only when the window is pressed against the skin. So no light can be pulsed otherwise toward the eyes.

You can use numbing gels to reduce the discomfort. IPL can be unpleasant and as we know women can take the grooming pain better than men… You can use a numbing gel to reduce the pain when treating sensitive areas like the pubic hair. You can use ice packs to cool and numb the skin in the area you are about to treat,

Do not overlap areas you treat. Make sure to cover the skin as if it is covered with grid lines, and zap every area only once! The skin cells ca not absorb too much light energy, it can cause pigment manufacturing altered, getting side effects like skin darkening or skin whitening, which are both unwanted.

rp_Remington-iLIGHT-Ultra-NEW-IPL-System-Hair-Removal-Hand-Set-300x300.jpgUse you common sense, do not try to fool the machine.. The safety procedures are for your own good. The some side effects can be painful an immediate, some will show up over time. As long as you use it as it was intended you are all good to go.

Check here and see the Remington device and what other customers women and men have to say about it and how they rate it.

If you are the right candidate, meaning you do not have dark or black skin. Your hair color is dark and not white, red or blond. You can expect decent results after a few treatments. The hair reduction happens over few weeks and not in one instance. The Remington IPL is one of the best selling home units for men and women.