Why You Should NEVER Hack a Hair Removal IPL / Laser Device

Hacking a Home IPL or Laser Device Can Be Dangerous

Trying to hack and bypass the home hair removal IPL or laser safety sensors is like tampering with your car brakes. We read in many forums and Q&A sections about people who say they have ‘hacked’ the device in order to bypass some of the features which did not function for them.

Fooling the Skin Color Sensor

Philips Lumea Skin Color SensorOne of the most popular hacks is to cover the skin color sensor, or to give it to check a light area while planning to treat a darker skin area.

This is a very dangerous thing to do. The skin color sensor is there to prevent the system from emitting IPL or laser on dark skin.

The direct result of treating dark skin with intense light energy is that the dark skin will get heated, and the soft pigmented tissue will burn instead of the hair.

Zapping laser or IPL on dark skin can cause immediate pain, usually causing redness, blisters, scarring and burns. The long term side effects of such a thing, can be disorder with the natural melanin production in the skin cells, which can cause darkening of the skin or whitening of the skin.

Hyper-pigmentation means dark patches may appear, as the skin is trying to protect itself from the light energy. Like tanning but very uneven and dark patches. The other side effect can be that the melanin production may cease, this side effect is called hypo-pigmentation. This will cause white patches to appear, which is ugly and irreversible.

Fooling the Skin Contact Sensor

remington-ilight-vs-gillette-silk-venusAnother stupid thing people have done, is to physically tape the skin contact sensor, so the device is always ready to pulse, without the need to properly press the window to the skin.

The skin contact sensors are there to prevent accidental eye damage, by preventing laser or IPL toward the eyes if the window is not properly pressed and covered by skin.

Hacking the device and fooling the sensors mean flashes could be pulsed when the device is held by hand not pressed at the skin. An intense flash toward the eyes is like looking into a camera flash or toward the sun. A fast and furious flash of light which may cause immediate sight damage! If it is any type of laser a direct pulse to the eye can cause blindness!

Stay On The Safe Side

IPL and home laser hair removal manufacturers are investing lots of money and energy to deliver the safest home systems which are cleared by the FDA. Trying to bypass their safety sensors only puts the user at risk, and endangers those around them.

Me my ELOS quartz flashesIf your skin is too dark, do not purchase a laser device or IPL, you may need an ELOS technology, which activates two energies Radio Waves + IPL Light, thus need less light to preform the hair disposal.

ELOS technology systems are used at professional medical centers, there are small compact home systems called Me My ELOS which can be purchased at Amazon.

No matter which system you buy, follow the safety booklet and manual guide to be sure you are going to be safe and smooth.