How Much Would Home Hair Removal (IPL / Laser) Cost? Including Required Accessories

What is the Cost of Doing IPL at Home?

Purchasing a home IPL hair removal is by far more cost effective than going to a laser center, but still it is not a cheap buy. Many people wonder about the overall cost they need to expect when they plan such a purchase. How much would the whole thing cost?

The answer is quite easy, here are the usual expected expenses you may need. We will give you an estimation. We placed them in two different lists. One list is the probable things you will need. The second list is the items you may want to have.

Items You Would Probably Buy:

  • rp_Remington-iLIGHT-Ultra-NEW-IPL-System-Hair-Removal-Hand-Set-300x300.jpgA home laser hair removal or IPL device (most systems cost $250 – $550). When the higher end means better more advanced systems. Those with thousands of flashes installed (50,000 or more). The cheap ones come with less flashes, and some require you buy extra cartridges (usually $50-$90 each).

Click here for the advanced Remington IPL Ultra Body & Face System, ($450) currently the best selling item at Amazon.

  • Laser + Pulsed Light Hair Removal GlassesSafety Laser Glasses ($10-$50) – Though not really needed, many people prefer to be on the safe side and add these to the device they are buying. This is not a required add-on, there is no risk to the eyes when using a home hair removal system (laser or IPL) yet many add them anyway.

Laser Safety Glasses for home hair removal IPL treatments ($10).

  • numb master creamNumbing Cream ($20-$40) – These are usually bought by those who buy the TRIA laser. The laser as opposed to IPL has more painful zapping. IPL users don’t need numbing cream unless they are planning to treat sensitive skin, like inner thighs or pubic hair. Or if they are men… Why suffer? numb the area before you treat it. Since 6-8 treatments are needed, you will need the larger pack or tube.

Click here for Numb Master Lidocaine 5% usually bought with the Remington IPL. ($59)

  • Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric ShaverElectric shaver – ($30-$50) – You can treat with laser or IPL only on shaved dry skin. This is to ensure the energy zaps the hair inside the skin and not the hair on the surface. A shaver frees you from wetting the area, adding shaving cream, drying the area etc..  Many choose to get a shaver as an accessory which is always useful.

Click here to add a Panasonic ES2207P Ladies Electric Shaver with 3 blades. Its the Best Selling shaver. ($24).

These cover the most probable items most people buy.

Other Accessories To Home IPL or Laser Hair Removal

There are other accessories people buy, depending on their needs and styles. Some of these are for additional safety, and are recommended to everyone.

UPF shirt hair removal laserUV Protection Shirts & Wraps – ($25-$55) – When doing IPL or laser treatments the skin is very vulnerable to UV light. The intense light energy is so powerful, it is recommended by the manufacturers to avoid sun expose for three days after each treatment. For those living in sunny places, a UV protective shirt is a very smart add on to a IPL device. These shirts are stylish yet they block 98% o all dangerous UV otherwise penetrating the skin.

Click here to get a UV protective shirt. A long sleeve UV shirt is a very sensible accessory protecting the arms as well if you plan on removing hair from them too.


EpiwandFacial Hair Epilator For Women ($12) – Most machines for home hair removal do not allow treatment on the facial hair. The Remington IPL mentioned above is allowed for body & face. Many women add a small accessory to complete the facial hair removal at places the IPL or laser are not allowed, like near the eyes, eyebrows, upper cheekbones or forehead.

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So How Much Would IPL at Home Cost?

The main purchase would be the IPL or laser system. Once this is done, all the rest are nice to have. Be prepared to invest up to $500 – $600. This is still much better than wasting time and money at a hair removal salon where the whole process may cost nearly double or more.


With the new systems like the Remington IPL iLight Ultra or other new devices you get extended flashes in the IPL bulb lamp. Far more than you will ever use, making sure you can treat the skin as many years as you need with follow up treatments.

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