How To Shave Daily For a Smooth Skull

Getting a Smooth Head Shave Everyday

There are plenty of reasons why to shave the skull smooth. If your hair is thin, if it looks unhealthy, if it is too wild or if you lose hair and the balding areas grow larger from day to day, or if you think you will look better in a clean shaved head.

There is no doubt that for many guys a shaved head is better than the alternative they have right now. Luckily girls LOVE guys with shaved heads, and many of them think it is SEXY.

If you remember this hit from the smooth shaved skull singer – Right Said Fred. He is too hot and too sexy! Being with a totally shaves head makes him “too sexy for..”

Is Shaving the Head Everyday Dangerous?

If you are doing it safely than it should be safe. Like a regular daily facial shave has no risk, so a daily skull shave has no real risks either. You should do it carefully because unlike the regular shave, when shaving the head there are more parts which you do not see than areas which you see what you are doing.

If you are using a blade razor, use a clean and new one for your skull. If you have moles or skin spots on your head, make sure to be very careful around them, the head skin is very delicate and cuts and nicks up there tend to bleed more than other places.

Use warm water to prepare the stubs, and use a shaving gel to make the shave smooth and closer. When your head is covered with the foaming cream, you can carefully begin to ride in with your razor. Do long glides each time, this will reduce the patches left between the strokes, and you will have less missed spots.

When you are done, rinse the cream/foam off and take a look at the mirror. If you have missed some areas repeat with the razor. Rub your palms over the shaved skull skin and try to feel if you have missed areas around the back of the head. If you fill the stubs shave the place once more.

If you want less hassle shaving your head, you can use a head shaver which was designed to shave skulls. It has four electric rotating blades, with a very firm grip handle. As you can see the guy in the short clip below, a head shave becomes a piece of cake.

 Make The a Daily Head Shave Easy

If your hair growth is slow and you shave the skull only once a week, than you do not need this shaver. Make a weekly ceremony and enjoy it shaving with foam and razor blade.

Skull shaver for daily head shaveIf your hair growth is more intense and a missed day shave will show as a dark shadow on the skin, or the former balding line will appear, than you may want to have an electric head shaver.

It is not so different than a regular electric shaver except it was designed to cover the head and allow a smooth comfortable daily shave. The change of the hand grip makes the shave intuitive,like rubbing the skull.

If you do not have a skull shaver, click here and get one from Amazon. It will make your life so much easier.

Keep the machine blades clean, and follow the manufacturer cleaning guidelines. With zero hassle a daily head shave becomes a walk in the park.

An electric skull shaver, is small and powerful, instead of having embarrassing hair patches missed at the back of the head or a shaded areas of hair emphasizing the hair retreat line; a few seconds with a shaver and you can be sure there are no left overs and missed spots.

Get the Bald Eagle Smart or another electric head shaver.

The problem with these missed spots, a razor shave leaves, is that everyone else sees them except from you.

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