Does Remington IPL Work For Fine, Blonde Hair?

Will Remington IPL Remove Blond Hair?

young-woman blond hair removal remington IPLRemington IPL6000 USA, or iLight Plus or iLight Pro Plus Quartz is a great device for safe home hair removal. But with all it’s features it is not designed or safe for blond hair removal.

The Remington IPL6000 no matter which model you have or plan to purchase (iLight Plus or iLight Pro Plus Quartz) will not manage to remove hair with little or no pigment.

When the light is absorbed by any dark matter it turns into heat. For example when a dark car and a white car both park in the sun, the dark car will be warmer. It’s temperature would rise faster, because dark matter absorbs light and white colors reflect it.

Remington IPL6000USA I-Light Pro blond hair removal effectiveThe Remington IPL6000 USA operates by emitting light energy at the skin. When the light energy meets the dark pigment of the hair, the temperature of the dark hair rises fast and the hair is “zapped”.

But what happens when the Remington IPL6000 USA light is emitted on fair blond hair? Where would all the light energy go to?

Well in this case, two things will happen and they are both not safe for you.

No Pigment? Non Effective Treatment

If there is no pigment in the hair, or only little pigment like in blond hairs, the IPL flash would not heat the hair enough to cause any damage to the root. The result would be ineffective treatments.

No Hair Pigment? Means Danger To Skin

The second side effect would be that the intense light would not be absorbed by the hair, so it will be absorbed by the skin tissue. This means the skin will zap, instead of the hair. In such case pain and blisters may appear!

It is very dangerous to try and “con the machine”, you will suffer anguish pains and will not see any hair reduction effect.

Blond Hair IPL Removal Solution

Me my ELOS 150,000 flahsesThe only real solution which may be safe and effective for blond fair hair, would be using the ELOS technology, which is an upgraded version of the IPL.

ELOS is combining two technologies of hair removal in synergy. Light energy and Radio Frequency pulsing together. The light energy is soft IPL flashes just like the Remington has, the RF (Radio Frequency) is radio waves which can heat the hair regardless of it’s color.

Together the two can cause enough heat to disable even blond hair. The ELOS systems are FDA approved, and also CE approved (European ‘FDA’). ELOS is usually used by professional hair removal clinics and dermatologists.

Me my ELOS Combo DealYou can get ELOS treatments at a dermatologist clinic, or with a home ELOS system, called Me my ELOS.

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Note that some patience is needed, and to follow the recommended treatment plan. The system does not do “magic”, and for some people longer cycles are needed to see expected results.

Check here the Me my ELOS newest model Touch Pro Ultra.

The ELOS has more pulses in it’s cartridge comparing to any other system, over 100,000 flashes compared to the 1500 or 30,000 of the Remington IPL. This means it will work for many years, which is important for blond hair reduction, which require more sessions to see results.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Do not use the Remington (which is a great device) if you have fair blond hair.