Laser Hair Removal Information

Laser hair removal information – Dangers

Laser hair removal information is a very important if you think to use this method to remove extra unwanted body hairs. People today can choose whether to remove small parts of body hair like underarms hair removal, or doing large areas of removal like legs or back hair removal, (which is more common for men).

It is important you know that laser removal has side effects which can not go unmentioned.

  1. Laser hair removal side effects like burns and scarring some of which are not permanent and will pass after 2-3 weeks from the laser treatment.
  2. Laser removal dangers are getting some kind of skin discoloration. This means your body pigmentation will suffer some kind of damage that can result in skin hyperpigmentation (extra pigmentation) which will show on your skin as dark spots and darker shades. Those are uncomfortable in cases they appear at areas you want to expose, like legs or face.
  3. Long term side effects of laser hair removal, can be the formation of what is called skin hypopigmentation, known as ‘white spots’ those sadly to say are permanent long term side effects no one want and no one can guarantee that they will go away (without another medical treatments to peel away the skin layer which is damaged).

Laser hair removal information – Safety

You should know that laser is a high power light projected at your skin to destroy the hair follies which hold the hair. There are different kinds of lasers all different from one another by the strength of the light and the length of the light-wave beam. You can search the net for further hair removal laser safety tips information on each machine and laser.

  1. Be sure you get treated by the right kind of laser beam. Not all lasers are suitable to do hair removal on dark kind of skins. The best results would be expected when the skin tone is light (little melanin) and the hair color is dark (high melanin level). Because this is not the regular situation for all people, and there are different kinds of shades and tones for skin and hairs, be sure you have yours examined careful before the laser procedure.
  2. Working with laser is a very high skilled profession, and not all young technicians can do the same proper hair removal procedure with the same accuracy needed. Therefore it is advised to check how exactly will be performing the laser treatment on you, and that he or she has the right experience with this kind of laser.
  3. Personal safety measures should be taken, before, during and after the laser treatment. Avoid tanning – it will make your skin darker and endanger your laser hair removal long term effects. Use all safety covers when treated, goggles, lead covers ect… to protect yourself from the laser energy. Avoid any sun (!) right after the laser treatment! The sun rays are powerful UV rays which can cause great laser hair removal risks cancer and burnings.


Laser hair removal most feared FAQ

People usually ask will laser hair removal cause skin cancer? Well it is not a real threat from laser treatments, the lasers usually used are not the kinds that cause cells DNA cancer. It is more the sun regular rays that can evoke skin cancer not the laser hair removal. Take in mind that after laser hair removal your cancer risks are higher because your skin is more exposed and had just been bombarded with light energy, soaking the melanin till the utmost highest levels.

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