$30 Off Coupon For Remington IPL I-Light Pro

Save $30 On Remington IPL6000

Remington Coupon IPL6000P I-Light Pro The Remington IPL shares the first price for best selling item at Amazon, laser hair removal category. It is loved by thousands of customers, and gives a great value for money solution for a compact home hair removal device.

Now, for the holidays, the same Remington IPL6000 i Light Pro system, has a 30$ discount coupon at Amazon. So you can save some more, on this item.

It is worth to claim this discount, if you had plans to get a home hair removal device. The Remington IPL is FDA approved, it is safe for home treatments, and the best candidates for this system are those with dark hair and fair skin. This is the best contrast, which is most effective for light energy hair removal.

Is The Remington IPL For You

Those with dark skin, black skin or tanned skin need the ELOS hair removal system, in order to reduce their body hair. The Remington i-Light Pro is not safe for dark skin. The device has a skin tone sensor, which will prevent the system from treating dark skin.

Remington Replacement Cartridges

Remington ipl 6000 pro plusThe Remington IPL has 1500 flashes in it’s cartridge which should be enough for 2 full body treatments, which include both legs, both arms, two underarms and bikini line. Once the cartridge is empty you can buy another replaceable cartridge and enjoy as many treatments as you need.

Please note that each person and each skin is different, and though IPL technology is effective, the results vary from person to person. You can expect a 70 percent reduction of body hair, if you follow the schedule and the treatment plan, and if you have the right skin/hair contrast.

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Remington ipl pro plus

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