Can Laser Treatment For Hair Loss Cause Cancer

Do Laser Treatments For Hair Loss Cause Cancer

Laser Treatments For Hair Loss Cause Cancer[Affiliate disclosure, all links to amazon are affiliate links] If you have hair thinning and consider to purchase a laser device for home treatment, and worry whether it might cause cancer, then this article is for you. Hair loss laser helmets have become very popular these days. It seems so many people regular and celebs are using them, it nearly became a trend… But what about the side effects of the laser, is there any slightest risk for cancer using them?

The simple answer is NO – Laser treatments for hair loss DO NOT CAUSE CANCER. In fact the technology which is used is quite old, first discovered by an Hungarian scientist at 1966. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) has been under so many clinical trials (over 1500 reports) and non of them found any connection direct or indirect between the LLLT and cancer.

can laser treatment for hair loss cause cancerThe home systems you may be looking into probably include one of these: Laser combs, laser helmets, laser caps and now laser head bands. They all use the same red light laser, and same 650 nano-meter wavelength which was found most effective to stimulate hair growth.

The leading hair thinning treatment lasers you may have seen at Amazon have FDA clearance. The FDA clearance means the technology was checked and evaluated for its safety!

They are totally safe to use and have no side effects, when used by the right candidates. For example there have been no clinical trials done to evaluate the safety for these laser hair growth devices on dark skin. If you read through their manual you will see that people with skin cancer or other specific medical conditions should check with their doctor before using the laser systems. But these warning a apply to nearly any over-the-counter device.

Theradome - Laser helmet LayoutThere are dangers to lasers. Lasers can be dangerous for the eyes! It is not recommended to look directly into a red laser beam!

The intense light can cause sight damage and sight loss. The home helmets have a protection sensors which prevents the laser cap from emitting laser unless the helmet is well fitted on the head.

Do not try to hack the device or to look into the laser light. The only danger there is from these systems is getting sight damage.

Safe Laser Hair Growth Solutions to Consider

Here are two leading hair loss treatment laser systems, each with full FDA clearance for both men and women. There are slight differences between them, yet they both use the same technology and have succeeded restoring hair growth for those with thinning hair – males and females.

Safe Laser Hair thinning treatment risk of cancerThe iRestore laser helmet, is FDA cleared and safe to be used by men and women. The helmet has 51 lasers and LEDs installed on the inner side, sending the 650 nm wavelength red light to stimulate the hair growth.

Click here to buy the iRestore laser system from Amazon.

You need 25 minutes, 3 time a week, for 16-24 weeks and you can notice hair getting thicker, more dense and healthy.

One reason we love the iRestore system, is that they give 6 months satisfaction guarantee! So you can check for yourself! You have nothing to lose! Try the helmet, use it as required, and if after 6 months you do not see the desired results, you can return it.

Read here what others are saying about it, and the 6 months satisfaction guarantee for the iResore hair growth laser system. We wish all the others would have a similar plan.

One grade above the iRestore

Capillus Laser Hair No Risk For CancerOne grade HIGHER than the iRestore helmet you will find the Capillus 82 laser cap.

It is a premium laser solution for hair thinning it has 82 lasers which is more than the iRestore helmet (which 51 light spots – has 20 lasers diodes and 31 LEDs). The hat is portable, which means you wear it anywhere you want inside the house or outside.

Laser Hair Growth Cap PainfulThe Capillus 82 has another clear advantage which is the casual design. It looks like any sports cap you wear anyway, so it is less embarrassing to wear at home or outside.

Click here to buy the Capillus 82 laser cap, the most effective system for treating hair thinning – With full FDA clearance, tested for men and women.

The treatment plan is similar to the helmet, 30 minutes 3 times per week for several months. The fact that it is portable is a great advantage, you can maintain a steady treatment schedule with it, no matter where you are.

Check what others are saying about the Capillus 82 and more about it here.


The main reason for skin cancer is the sun UV and most of us ignore it. There is no cancer risks involved in LLLT hair growth treatments. The low level laser therapy is FDA cleared for home use. If skin cancer risks trouble your mind, you should get UV protective clothes and block more UV than you are probably doing today.