Laser Helmet Can Stop Hair Loss in Corner of Forehead

Stopping Hair Loss in Corner of Forehead

corner of forehead hair loss thinning[Affiliate disclosure, all links to amazon are affiliate links] Every man at one point or another in life wakes up one morning and get the feeling the corners of the forehead are thinning faster than presumably seen. It can be when comparing an older image or just by looking at the mirror, you may one day see the corners getting deeper and higher than they were.

Can this process be slowed down? can it be reversed? In some cases it can, using new technology laser helmets and caps available at the reach of your fingers.

There are several well known patterns of male hair loss, and one of them is the thinning and decreasing line at the forehead. In some people the hairline just retreats evenly, for others the hair loss at the corners of the forehead begin to get longer and reach back further than the frontal hairline.

iRestore Hair Grow Stimulation LEDsNew technologies have harnessed the power of light energy to stimulate the hair growth cells and restore new hair growth where it had been weakened over time.

The Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) was discovered at 1966, and was used only at clinical offices and dermatologist for many years.

In recent years, the LLLT had become public with new laser hair regrowth machines. No more bulky 100K doctors devices, but small sleek home laser caps and helmets, using the SAME technology. The new helmets and caps are FDA cleared and totally safe with no side effects. Some of them are better than others, check below which may be best for your needs.

Laser Therapy Can Stop and Reverse Forehead Corner Thinning

laser hair growth for corner of foreheadThe laser therapy helmets have dozens of laser diodes, each at 650 nanometer wavelength which was found the right wavelength to penetrate the skin and reach the cells where the hair follicles sits. The red light energizes the cells, stimulates the shrinking follicles to reproduce thicker hairs. Somewhat like watering a dried plant.

Laser Comb, Helmet of Cap?

There are three main kinds of home based laser therapy devices, combs, helmets and caps. They do the same thing, using the same technology but look differently and have different features.

Laser Combs

HairMax Advanced 7 LaserCombThe least recommended devices are the laser comb machines. First because most of the cheap ones use LEDs and not lasers at all… Second thing is that when combing the hair for 8 minutes each area gets only few seconds, unlike a cap which sends the laser for the full 25 minutes treatment continuously.

The pros of laser comb, is that you can place it exactly where you see of feel the thinning. So if the corner of the forehead bothers you, (see image) you can dedicate more time to keep the comb over that area.

The con is that you will have to hold it physically for all this time, which is a less convenient when you have 3-4 months of such treatments.

HairMax LaserComb with Thinning Hair Care bundleThe HairMax laser comb unlike other combs, has real lasers (no LEDs)! And the value for money with the bundle pack is good.

Click here to get a value pack of laser hair growth comb HairMax Prima with 7 lasers (no LEDs) plus the Thinning Hair Care bundle.

Laser Helmets

The most popular laser helmet for hair thinning is the iRestore hair growth laser system. It has 20 lasers, which is more lasers than the HairMax laser comb. And has 31 red LEDs with the same 650 nanometer wavelength. 51 therapy lights inside the helmet.

iRestore for forehead hair thinningThe pros is that you get more energy and better coverage. Each session is 25 minutes, done 3 times per week. There is no hassle, and the treatment is hands free, so you can surf, be on FB or watch TV with the helmet, and the laser and LEDs do their stimulation.

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The cons of the helmet compared to the laser caps is that it is not portable. You will have to be sitting at one place when the helmet is connected to the AC for power. It’s no a big issue, the pros are still far greater than the cons.

Click here and read what others are saying about the iRestore laser hair growth stimulation system. The iRestore has a unique 6 months Money Back Guarantee! If you are not satisfied with the results within six months, you can get your money back.

Laser Caps

If you are worried with your forehead corners retreating backward, large bays of forehead pushing deeper and higher. The laser cap may be the ultimate solution for you. With just a slightly higher investment than a helmet, you can get the top notch solution for better results.

Capillus 82 Laser Hair Growth MachineThe main pros – The laser cap has a whooping 82 lasers inside (and no LEDs at all!)! four times more lasers than the helmet. The lasers in the cap are organized all over the inner rim so they cover more of the forehead.

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The laser cap is also portable – So you can wear it and move about the house and also wear it outside like when driving a car or sitting in the yard. When the sessions become a breeze, there are more chances to maintain a steady treatment plan and see results.

Check Amazon reviews to learn what customers say about the portable 82 laser cap.

There are laser hair growth devices which cost $1999 but you probably didn’t plan to invest that much. The 8 laser cap can cover the front of the forehead and beam it’s lasers over the skin.