Theradome vs iRestore (Laser Helmet Comparison) 2017

Comparing Theradome vs iRestore 2017

If you are suffering from hair thinning and hair loss you may be wondering which of the two laser hair growth helmets would be better for your needs Theradome or iRestore? There have been former comparisons but we decided to follow up today at 2017 to make sure you get the latest update.

Both the Theradome laser helmet and iRestore helmet look similar and the marketing promises are as usual very high for both of them, so it can be quite difficult to make out which may be more suitable and effective for you.

We did a comparison for you, evaluating the pros and cons of these two home laser hair growth machines.

Theradome vs irestore laser hair growth helmetSafety Above All – Both of the devices are FDA cleared, which means the technology which they are using was evaluated and found safe.

Note that the Theradome FDA clearance was issued only for females and not for men. Officially until the Theradome would be cleared for men, it is supposed to marketed toward women only. The iRestore has FDA clearance for men and women.

Both helmets have a similar safety sensor which disable the device from emitting laser if the helmet is not properly sitting on the head. This is to make sure the laser light does not harm the eyes. The laser therapy is safe and has no known side effects.

Comparing Number of Laser Diodes

The Theradome helmet has a clear advantage here! It has 80 laser diodes installed the iRestore has only 21 lasers and 30 non-laser diodes (LEDs). With 4 times more laser diodes, the device overall treatment efficiency is greater.

iRestore helmet has more LEDs than lasers. These LEDs emit the same wavelength of red light, but its the laser which penetrates deeper to the skin and stimulates the follicles hair growth. The LEDs spread their light while the laser beams through the upper skin layer.

There is also a slight difference between the laser wavelength. The Theradome is using 678 nanometer wavelength and the iRestore is using 655 nanometer. Both are in the spectrum of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT).

Portable vs AC Powered Laser Helmet

Theradopme or iRestore Comparison 2017The Theradome has a great advantage on this feature also. The Theradome helmet system is portable! This means you can use it and still be free to move around the house.

The iRestore helmet system requires to be connected to the AC power – So you can use it only when you are at one location and connected to the power.

The guy in the image (using iRestore) can play mobile games for 30 minutes, but if he needs to go to the kitchen for coffee, he will have to stop the treatment process and resume it when he’s back. The iRestore has a timer device, that manages the 30 minute session by announcing when the time is up. The same person with Theramdome, is free to walk and move about, with the helmet still working continuously .

Theradome - Laser helmet LayoutDesign comparison – Both of the helmets arrive in a white futuristic space like design. They have pads inside the helmet to make sure it fits well over the head.

The iRestore lights are spread more evenly on the sides part too while the Theradome lasers (see image) are placed more on the top part. For men most of the hair loss is on the top front and top back of the head. Theradome has it’s lasers where the main issue is.


Effective Results Guarantee

Both devices when used properly by the right candidates, use a proved technology and can both show increase in hair growth, hair restoration, thicker hair showing where it was thin before.

The laser home system helmets can enhance and rejuvenate hair growth where the follicles are still functioning. The shrinking follicles get the laser energy and get energized at the cells level to reproduce thicker hairs, (like watering a plant).

The Theradome treatment plan isĀ  wearing the laser helmet 2 times, 20 minutes per week, for 16 weeks. The iRestore treatment plan is 3 times per week, 25 minutes per session.

Our Conclusion

Theradome before and after imagesThe Theradome laser system has better specs and better features! It is portable, it has 4 times more lasers installed (see Theradome before and after images on the right).

So obviously it out ranks the iRestore helmet. The only downside is that the cost of the Theradome is higher, and some people would not be able to afford it.

If you have the ability to afford it, click here to order the Theradome helmet device, it has 4 times more lasers to be stimulating your hair growth!

iRestore Laser Hair Growth System for women hair lossThe iRestore laser hair growth device has a very unique Money Back Guarantee plan which states you use and if after six month you do not see results, can get your money back (minus handling and shipping fees).

Click here to get your iRestore hair growth laser helmet to begin restoring your hair volume and looks.

With the 6 month money back guarantee, you have very little to lose, give the iRestore a chance and see if you are satisfied with the hair restoration results.

Since you can’t know in advance if the Low Level Laser Therapy would be effective for your specific situation, the iRestore offer is very lucrative and worth a try.

The Theradome has better specs but the iRestore has a money back guarantee!

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