Pivoting Head Facial Hair Trimmer – Women’s Discrete Accessory

Panasonic Pivoting Facial Trimmer For Women

Panasonic Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer is a life saver for women who need to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Men just foam a handful of shaving gel and glide the Gillette Mach 3 blades over their skin and they are smooth. Because hair grows over women’s face just as much as it grows on mens face, women need other solutions for removing facial hairs.

Getting facial hair removed is not as easy as it may seem. Permanent facial hair removal solutions are expensive (Laser or Electrolysis) but are worth the investment if you can afford them. Laser treatment may need some visits to the skin clinic, but can dramatically reduce the regrowth on your face.

The semi-permanent solutions are a nuisance, first of all they need a bi-weekly maintenance, they are painful, and have some side effects which can ruin your day. These removal methods are also expensive compared to their overall short term results.

  • Waxing leaves your skin red and itchy
  • IPL and home laser systems, are painful and may cause discoloration side effects
  • Depilatory creams have a terrible smell an can cause skin irritation

Pros For Using Panasonic Pivoting Head Trimmer

Panasonic Pivot Head Facial TrimmerOne possible way to keep your face hair free and beautiful would be to do just like men do, but in a more feminine style.  Usually women remove hair from upper lip, chin, side burns and eyebrows. The feminine way to keep those hairs away may be with the aid of the Panasonic Pivoting Head Trimmer.

The rotating pivot head of the Panasonic trimmer grooms with thin blades the soft fair hairs growing on chin, upper lip and sideburns. The pivoting head tracks the curves of the face so they motion is gentle and pleasant. Because there is no mess and hassle, in this manner hair can be trimmed a few time a week.

Getting eyebrows hair removed using laser, IPL or waxing can be dangerous as each can cause sever injuries and infections when treating so close to the eyes. Using a trimmer can be a safe solution especially for those hairs that pop out of line and distract your eye contour makeup.

Using The ‘Pivoting Trimmer’ To Trim Neck Hairs

Many women know that showing a long sexy neck like Audrey Hepburn can be a secret weapon for catching men’s attention. But for showing a perfect long neck, you must make sure it is not hairy. For this purpose the Panasonic Pivoting Head Trimmer will need to be used regularly or before raising your hair up high.

Other benefits for this small machine is that it is easy and clean to use, there is no need for wet shaves or hassle, and because it is small as a pen, it can be done practically anywhere. A tiny AAA battery will keep it running for weeks.

Downside For Panasonic Facial Hair Pivoting Groomer

There are a number of factors you need to take into consideration before buying this small hair removal device.

Thin Hairs Only –  It is meant to be used for delicate facial hair. If your facial hair is dark coarse and thick (like men have) than this Panasonic Trimmer would not be strong enough for you. You should look for more sturdy machines.

Delicate Device – The Panasonic Pivoting Head Trimmer is made of delicate plastic, strong enough to be held and regularly used, but not tough as shaving machines or traveling shavers. It is thin as a pen, and the pivot head lock need to be handled carefully otherwise it might break off.

Battery Operated – The battery gives the trimmer enough power to trim facial hair. But if not changed the pivoting head stops swirling and slows down. If you are away from home, and do not have another battery, than you will not be able to fix your looks with this device.


If you have enough money invest in long term hair reduction solutions (Laser, IPL or Electrolysis) If you are looking for a cute small trimmer to complete your facial makeup kit and refine your looks from time to time, than this $17 Panasonic Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer (Pink) is the accessory you might want to have.

For more serious facial hair removal solutions, thick growth, do not expect this pen sized device to be a substitute for permanent facial hair removal procedures.

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Panasonic Pivoting Head Facial Trimmer (Pink)


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